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The race between President Trump and Joe Biden is neck and neck. Some polls if you can believe them, show trump slightly behind. Now, there are two things that you need to do to get armed with the facts first. Start tuning into Newsmax TV President Trump himself says that Newsmax TV is quote much better than Fox. I watch it, and I like it. They have some great shows with Sean Spicer and great Kelly at night. They also have Mike Huckabee, Michelle Malcolm, Herman Cain and Alan Dershowitz. Newsmax is on all the major cable systems in direct TV, 3 49 dish to 16. Sling Fu Bo t u verse 12 20. Spectrum channels to 02 or 2 to 4. Xfinity 11 15 Frontier 6 15 T Vision 1 52 and Mohr Or you could just check your channel guide, and the second thing you need to do is get the new bestseller Blitz by David Horowitz Blitz is already a number one bestseller and just hit. The New York Times List. Blitz reveals President Trump Secret Plan to win President Trump recently urged people to get David Horowitz his book Blitz

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