NBCUniversal’s Peacock Streaming Service Debuts Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


About Peacock that is NBC's new streaming service. Good luck, Peacock. We're doing that now. It's like five. Okay, so Yeah, Peacock is tender, so there's a free version. Ah, that is 05 and 10. You can pay what you want right? It can have a free version, which is just all ads. Then you have a $5 version with still some ads or than $10 Without Peacock. You had a chance here. If You had the Olympics if you had pulled your parks and rack 30 rock the office all those programs that you made famous from all the other streaming platforms. But as far as I know, I could watch 30 Rock on Amazon Prime. I can watch the office still on Netflix or not. For long, though it was only for the rest of this year. All the NBC content is being pulled back to pick up 2021. I could see this really taking off. But this year of least they knew the Olympics for this. Soft, long and yeah, without the Olympics, which are not happening until 2021. If they haven't happened it all I really think it's him. I don't think any of their original mean Look, David Schwimmer, You seem pretty funny, but that's your lead program that you're trying to sign people up with. I don't think that that's going to sign up a bunch of $10 a month. Subscribers and Cove it slow down the production of AA lot of their original content. Production wise. Yeah, but they all had that problem. Nephew has the same problem exactly. They do, but They've already got the user base. This is a new platform that library he had a shell out money for me, and he's got a massive library. You'll be able to watch all your previous shows on NBC's. I'm not worried about the content library, but it's just one more thing that I gotta sign up for and pay for, and most of the stuff I've already either already seen. Or if I have cable, Aiken, go see Jeffrey Comcast already. You can already used that app, which I haven't done May I think it's set up for failure, but you know what? It's supposed to be a supplement to their existing business. They're not trying to eat away at cable subscribers, so I don't know. It doesn't seem like it's going to be a huge hit to me

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