2 dead, 2 hurt in shooting and stabbing in downtown Bellevue, Seattle


New developments in that deadly shooting and stabbing at a celebration inside a Bellevue high rise last night. Two men died and two others were hurt. Police say a relative of the the woman woman hosting hosting the the party party stabbed stabbed three three people people and and he he was was then then shot shot and and killed. killed. Comas Comas call call Miller Miller has has the the latest. latest. We We are are getting getting a a better better idea idea as as to to what what happened happened who who was was all all involved. involved. The The big big question question remains. remains. Why Why did did this this happen? happen? And And what what sparked sparked this this violent violent domestic domestic feud feud as as detectives detectives work work to to sort sort all all of of that that out? out? We're We're hearing hearing from from people people who who live live here, here, and and they they want want answers from management as to why in the middle of this pandemic, this gathering was allowed to take place. Saturday night, Police swarmed this downtown Bellevue apartment building the elements. It's where two people were killed and two more were injured in a stabbing and shooting. Today we've learned that a 22 year old woman who lives in this complex threw a party of some kind, inviting a 41 year old man who she was related to And two others a a 21 21 year year old old man man and and a a 24 24 year year old old man. man. At At some some point, point, a a domestic domestic disturbance disturbance broke broke out out the the 41 41 year year old old Male Male relative relative stabbed stabbed three three people. people. Including Including his his 22 22 year year old old female female role role of of police police chief chief Steve Steve My. My. Let's Let's says says the the 21 21 year old man died from multiple stab wounds. 24 year old man was stabbed in the neck, and then he pulled out a handgun. He drew his firearm and fired at the 41 year old male, killing him. And that woman was also stabbed. She was later released from nearby Overlake Hospital. So So what's what's the the motive motive behind behind all all of of this? this? We We have have not not been been able able to to determine determine the the motive. motive. Let's Let's go. go. Most. Most. Cole Cole Miller Miller reporting reporting

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