But I have to tell you within the Republican Party. There are people who are furious.

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Law. To make sure no president can ever do this again. I have news for you. You have to amend the Constitution, and there's much chance of that happening is snow falling in San Francisco in 30 seconds. Just not gonna happen. I am so disturbed by this. Because what this President has done Is this avert the rule of law? 4158080 A 10 by the way he's certainly No law, no order President. And by the way, Karen emails John to me, ethics are more important than legalities. Well, this president has no ethics here. Me. Those who were trump supporters. This man has no ethics. None. Let's go to Fred calling for moderate Fred. Welcome to KGO. Thanks, John. Well, you know, I've had enough of him for a long time now, and I just volunteered with the Democratic Party here locally with me, and I'm going to do whatever volunteer work and everything I can do to get this guy and some of the other Republicans out of office and I throw a challenge out other people. If you got time on your hands, you got extra money. You got anything else? Just jump in here and let's support Biden lists. Let's get this thing on. We gotta get trump in the rest of out of office. You're not kidding, and I'm waiting. I mean, this is Saturday, Okay? If by Monday when I'm back behind this microphone at six o'clock Republicans have not spoken out loudly and clearly aside from Mitt Romney, who I did not vote for Andi. If he had been elected, he would no doubt be finishing his second term right about now. But

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