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Just come up with something easier like sue apple dot com Some like that they already have lost the website. This is the battery Gate saga. It's one of the biggest controversies that Apple has ever faced and had to do with the batteries that weren't lasting long as the phones were improving, So here's that you want some of the criteria. To get the $25. That's how much you'll get. If you do 25 bucks. That's a good amount for a big lawsuit. How much paperwork though, if you've got to do the man's Internet paperwork and then but then you also have the money's not instant. You don't get it Venmo to immediately write it so involved you do what you do it. You do it eventually. Maybe at some point you get this then you probably at this point moved by now. So whoever's living in your place and it's six months going $25 check. It's a little easier than having to deal with the bank had the whole thing is so and I would love to if I had to. My regional, ran a pocket of para pants and pull that

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