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Live - Throwing Copper


Hello everybody. Welcome to audio judo. I'm Matthew I'm kyle. Thanks for joining us today. Indeed Al How're you doing? I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing well? That's good it's good to hear. Superman does good. I do well very nice. Thanks thirty rock. We got some business I do. Oh good let's talk earlier this week. We were lucky enough to talk to One of my musical idols. Fish the ex lead singer of a progressive rock band from that. Was that still around now. But was very popular in the eighties Very continues to popularity in Europe not so much in the states The band's name was Meridian fish is about to release his final studio album later this year and he was gracious enough to join us from his home in Scotland and chat for about forty five minutes or so. It was great Since our timeline might be out of wack currently That episode mice most likely aired before this one did so if you are joining us for the first time to listen to this episode. I encourage you to go back. And listen to that one as well Gave us some great info about the current state of the music industry regarding re Corona Virus. Yeah and some other super stuff as well as well as cooking. Lovely lamb dinner for his mother while he was on the phone with us so that was a great interview. I really enjoyed it. That was fun is fun. Talk to once. You can understand what he's saying. I'm just kidding. That's surprisingly had no problem with that. Just a couple words yet. A Scottish before we had talked to matthew was like Ilyas a Scottish brogue in his voice and I was like okay. So I'm really going to pay attention. I picked it right up. I don't know how good I mean. It wasn't fancy than me. I guess that's good. Yeah there was only one time where I was kind of like. What was that word but that I think we both looked at each other. Like what the heck was that word but we got ammos great. We got it through context. I believe yeah also Again since I don't know exactly when this will be airing I'm not entirely sure where we will be. In the Corona Virus Saga Twenty Twenty. Either way the crisis it has affected everyone including independent artists trying to carve out a living back in October. We interviewed a band of Kentucky. Named the cold stares they're great ban really wonderful guys And this crisis hit them. Quite hard. Cancelled all their gigs. That they had lined up for the summer as well as putting a stop to some of their teaching gigs for the time. Being since most of those are done in person they put together a special t shirt that they are selling for twenty five bucks to help supplement their lost other. I bought a couple And if you'd like to buy one or just have a look at them Encourage you to go to their merchandise site. It's the cold stares dot square dot site. Anything you can do to help out would be appreciated that includes paying for some downloads. Listen their music or whatever but your independent artists out. There is most likely struggling big time so if you want to listen to them or you have one in particular that you enjoy listening to throw him a couple of downloads. Do whatever you to help them out because this is a very difficult time for everybody. Yes it is. That's all I have for old business. So this week's choice. Nineteen ninety four album throwing copper by the group live just so we're clear. This was one of my favorite bands from that period. And this record is probably my top fifteen. Those lists are always really difficult kind of weird to make. I'm not saying that this is one of the top fifteen records ever made or that. I even think this is one of the best top fifteen records that I could listen to. It's just one of those records that I go back to a few months and listen to us to have a permanent place in my multi. Cd Changer and it's one of those records at shows up in my top plays when spotify. Geezer your list at the end of the year. So was it trunk mounted multi play. Cd player it was. That's nice. It's very ah Nice. He had a removable one as well. That was an different car. But Julio that was a fancy with the little handle how Mr Rich Roller Rare. It's all it's all for the music so live. The band consists of four guys. Chad gracey on drums Chad Taylor on guitar to Chad's a Patrick Dole Heimer on bass and Ed Kowalczyk on vocals and guitar. They have been together since the mid eighties when they were all in their middle teens. Typical suburbanite garage band They were founded in York. Pennsylvania originally called public affection but renamed themselves live in the nineteen eighties right before they got a record deal. Oh they regularly played. Cbgb's in New York. Those concerts help secure their first record deal. Nineteen Ninety one nineteen ninety-one New Year's eve of Nineteen ninety-one to be exact. They released their first album mental jewelry. And that was the first I ever heard of them or saw them to be more precise oh I saw them and heard them for the first time on. Mtv's twenty minutes It was for song called operation. Spirit the tyranny of tradition and it was very direct for me when I first thought it caught me off guard. It was very jarring so I was at that time. Nineteen year old kid about three months away from meeting my future wife smoking. A lot of we'd drink a lot of beer very angry and confused about my life and prospects I've been raised. Catholic went to Catholic school and was jaded mad about a lot of things I had been raised to believe. We're true. My parents were devout Catholics. My was a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church which in Catholicism is as close as you can get to being a priest without actually becoming one more than anything because he had been married. I my mom also had a certificate in theology from the seminary which as close as you can get to being a nun without actually being one more than anything because she had been married. I pattern here. So they taught classes on sexuality and marriage so yeah it was weird. Oh boy that's very weird however that was fun as was very strange but they were not strict. Like you would expect. Yeah I had to go to church every Sunday But I still watch rated movies. My parents drank. They knew I did too so it was fine but I was angry because it all seemed like a big scam to me And I realized that we're kind of far afield from music but it's kind of relevant so when I was a kid I was really bought into this charade I was an altar boy sang in the choir played. Drums and a host of different events at the church went to Catholic school and I believed what I was being taught because that was what I was raised to believe but then I got into high school and I started forming the person I was going to become and began to think for myself I started. Look things look things differently right? I went to a pretty liberal Catholic highschool and in our religion classes which were daily especially towards senior year. We were encouraged at some point to explore different religions. I'm sure it was under the guise of comparison shopping but it opened a lot of is because other religions or spiritual practices made a lot more sense than the pomp and tradition of Catholicism especially like during Easter or something.

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