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Kit K. Crumb at she bill dot com. And I will send you the book. You've vindicated as your choice. But now today don't believe everything you see what each individual may have a different perception of reality. Reality is a fixed factor. Perception of reality is reality. Make sense of that well. For example if two people or skiing mountain witness an avalanche description of the sound and the amount of snow involve will vary but both skiers will agree that it was some avalanche as something pretty big. What about those Pesky little things? We encounter every day for law enforcement. Personal perception is a huge concern. This is why with auto accidents and certain crimes. A police officer will ask the question several times then turn to another witness and asked the same question. They're trying to find out what really happened. Not what was perceived to have happened? The implication is that what you see or don't see may not be reality. I ride a motorcycle and wrote a book Navigating Mountain curves on a motorcycle. Now a bestseller audio fashion. You can get that at my website. It my research for this book. I interviewed a number of police officers. Who responded to the scene of a motorcycle accident? They told me that almost all the drivers of the car involved said they didn't even see the motorcycle. How could that be what I discovered amazed me? It's something called in attentional blindness. This is when a driver encounters. Let's say a four-way stop every day on the way to work it's early. He occasionally counters another car going in the opposite direction but never one on the right or left so when he glances to the right. He doesn't see the motorcycle but that begs the question. Why not he glances to his right and the motorcycle is they're sitting at the stop sign waiting his turn. Why doesn't he see the motorcycle? The answer is how the brain perceives. What we see truth. What you see is not the real world what it is your brains desk. Guess Reality based on input from your eyeball. Cicadas are quick eye movements. Your brain has to ignore cottage information. Because the I flicked too fast. If the brain kept all data provided by the fast moving your vision would be blurred. So when we scan and intersection our brain prefers to see a series of pictures called. Dixie and in the movement between fixation between the CICADAS. Our brain sees nothing. Of course life is not afflict book so the brain uses the or pictures to guess what happens in between and gathered pre existing data to fill up the space and provide a smooth on blurred image. The answer for accurately seen when you're shirring intersection would be to scan slowly this way. The brain doesn't have to smooth things out doesn't have to create a picture like image that it puts together with the familiar and in the process. Leaving out all the sports cars or motorcycles or any vehicle that hasn't been encountered at that intersection before just as a brain blocks out the blurry it also blocks out what it considers irrelevant with. Something called selective attention in general. We are more likely to notice things that are sexy dangerous. This is why honking the horn. Get your attention for years has implied danger or at least look over here. See me also. The color red has been shown to be an attention getter then there is peripheral blindness. Just twenty degrees off the line of sight and humans lose ninety percent of their vision although clear images are lost. The brain will pick up on the movement in. It's peripheral an example peripheral blindness or the windshield being in your car. Fortunately they are usually located at ten and two so as not to obscure anything when driving straight ahead but anything communist the car from that angle of ten or two will be invisible. Finally there is contrast blindness. It's been determined to contrast is the greatest single factor the acquisition of target. So it would seem that to truly see reality. One would have to slow the scanning process in this way the brain only reports. What is their luck out over the forest meadow in a slow methodical fashion? And you see all the wild flowers a quick scan and you missed the enraged bull that is charged you and a forty five degree angle. Similarly a quick glance left and right at the four way stop and the presence of another car may become painful reality. Now you see it now. You know was produced here at night..

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