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Good Morning boomer. How are you? Go tweeted out a photo of four guys. Why thank are the pillars of the NFL? The Mount Rushmore. If you will in the way I phrase my tweet yesterday was Mount. Rushmore is now complete for the NFL as Don. Shula joins three other men who I believe are the foundational guys of the NFL. Wellington Mera Paul Brown. George Halas now Don Shula Don show obviously the winningest coach in Super Bowls. And just the way. He carries himself in the way that I think people felt about them. You know we all After Games when I would play those guys for one of the first people I'd go and run up to and shake hands with was was don. Shula I just. I always wanted to shake his hand. I mean this. This guy was a living legend up until the day he died and he always carried himself that way and I know jet fans probably feel like. Oh man this beat our ask so much. It's just this is just it's sad but it's also a reminder of just how good he was as a coach and I remember working with Dan Marino all these years at CBS and him just telling me the great stories about the kind of coach he was and what he was like the play for. And I'm sure how I talked to Dan yesterday via text and I know how sad he was because it was almost like a dad to him. That's that's the relationship that they had and then when don laughed and Jimmy Johnson came in there was so much friction between Dan and Jimmy and it was just it just never felt right and I also believe and I can't speak for damn but I also believe that one of the reasons why Dan couldn't put on another team uniform was because of his love for Don Shula so yesterday was it was a little bit of a sad kind of way to start the day. I guess after we got off the radio but I just started to think about the times playing against him the time being in areas where we were both giving speeches so I got a chance to meet him and talk to him quite a bit over the years and then obviously doing their games for Monday night and and seeing him on the sideline and his golf carton always saying he's always really kind to me. You know I played for Sunday. David didn't go great in Cincinnati. Four year he could've probably held some of that against me but I never felt that way at all when I when I talked to Him. In later years he was knowing hall of fame coach and notable was a player too by the way out of Ohio. He is really a hall of fame. Human being and that's why you're seeing such an outpouring of warmth and all the great things that are being said by about him and we always think these days that bill. Belichick is the pillar of head. Coaching and despite some of the black marks on the resume. But he's the guy that everybody points to is the best coach and still to this day. Bill Belichick is chasing Don Shula not just with winds. But of course the perfect season that he wasn't able to complete back in two thousand and seven just shows you. I understand it bill. Belichick has got all the super bowls. And that's really what counts for him but you know there's certain things that Don Shula's still holding onto that may never be caught. I mean that's how the longevity the success that he had of course the perfect season in seventy to all the success they had despite not winning a super bowl with Dan Marino. Of course is early success jumping into the NFL with the Baltimore Colts and just immediately at the age of thirty three being boy. Genius Ballot Sean. Right exactly it's just. It's just amazing to continue to go and go and go. And it's it's it's a spectacular life. I mean he posts life a pitch man during his career after his career built. Shula's steak houses up a humongous family. He's just revered by everybody. There's not a thing you can point to in his career. We say well he could have done this differently. That differently short. Did they win the Super Bowl with Dan Marino? No but this guy was the ultimate man of integrity. And that's actually. What when he was asked just a few years ago. What do you want to be remembered for the first thing out of his mouth was I won the right way? That's how important integrity was to him. So this as you mentioned. There's just certain guys that when the story of the. Nfl is written at any point either today or ten years ago. Ten years from now fifty years from now you know Don Shula's name is prominently mentioned throughout the history of the League with all the success that he had and the type of man that he was. Yeah you know you talk about integrity back in two thousand fifteen. There was a story that was told them the South Florida Sun Sentinel and it goes and talks about the nineteen seventy-three Miami Dolphins. So why are they important? While after nine hundred seventy two they were seventeen and a super bowl and the only undefeated team. Well they enter a locker room and they're getting ready to play the Oakland raiders and it was two hours before kickoff and upon changing into the uniforms. They found an Oakland raiders playbook and it was discovered and it had everything in it. You know complete with audible calls. All coach has to do is look at that thing and man. Decipher that thing. And let's go. We're going to kick their ass. And there are a lot of coaches that would actually use that playbook the playbook was delivered. Don Shula the story goes he immediately. Drop it in the trash can. And after their eighteen game win streak was stopped. That day in Oakland Assistant Coach Monte Clark half-jokingly asked Don sure about throwing away the playbook his response to that was will win the right way and that was it. I mean I think that just speaks to who he is like. I said you know just knowing the relationship that my buddy Dan Marino has with assure family and with don in particular man. I was just thinking about all the memories that those guys made and I was looking at some of the twitter feeds because Dan put out a really beautiful tweet. Now is reading some of the people that were writing back the dam. And how you know. All the Dolphin fans are like you know the reason we're dolphin fans because of you. And Don Shula sure and of course Bob Greasy to you know at the seven seventeen and but you know Dan revolutionize the passing game in the NFL or anybody says and I still go back to his eighty four season as the greatest single season. Any quarterback has ever had given the rules that he was playing under and the fact that he threw for over four thousand yards and fifty touchdowns or forty eight touchdowns. Whatever it was. Just I just you know I. It was a really. I don't know I can't explain to you know if you're a football fan and you love the NFL and you'll love everything about the NFL. And then you think about certain guys who have been here forever feels like and were there seems like from the beginning you realize that this is one of those guys. This is one of those foundation guys that every NFL fan every. I don't know any NFL. That would dislike him. That's thanks yeah. There's just these when you lost on. It was the ultimate and respect. There was not one of those. I can't believe I lost to this guy because of the way that he coached and the type of guy that he was. I'm sure that it was frustrating. For a lot of those teams Especially at the height in the seventies of the dolphins and there was really two waves because the dolphins are one of those franchises that there are fans as we know as we work with two of them right off the top of my head thinking about. He's Zaeri John. Jastremski that that kind of tells you the two waves of how dolphin fan sort of came from everywhere one was the success in the seventies when the NFL burst on television. All right around the merger. You know sixty nine seventy and teams. That were winning around. Then everybody flocked to the TV and watched and of course the dolphins that was one way that got fans from everywhere. And of course Dan Marino was the second way. But you know Miami has sports town back when he got that job. There wasn't anything going on there. I think there were a four year old franchise somewhere around there. Three or four year old franchise when he got the job. There wasn't a damn thing to root for Miami and he created an organization there that is now one of the most revered in the NFL. So I mean that's an accomplishment unto itself well and you think about what happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty three in how Dan Marino fell to them. There could be a better situation for both. Dan was disappointed for falling that year. At I know there are a lot of teams. That were disappointed that they didn't take and they passed over in him in the draft. But like I say much like Patrick mahomes going to going to Andy Reid in Kansas City. I don't know if there was a more perfect fit for Dan Marino and the NFL than the Miami Dolphins the Aqua Jerseys and don show standing on sideline is there a better fit in the NFL. That oh no. I mean you think about Miami as town having a superstar quarterback anytime that there's a superstar athlete in a place like Miami or L. A. Or New York. I mean it just elevates that particular person but you know Dan being a western Pennsylvania guy couldn't have acclimated himself any better to Miami to become the sports hero of sports. Heroes Down there so yeah I mean that's just it's it's a it's a huge part of NFL history and it really is and it stuff. That's not going away. I mean you know bell could catch Don Shula at some point he could but I mean Don Shula legacy is one that is intact forever. As long as they're playing football it is forever he's one of the unforgotten ones and unfortunately for Bella check. You know he's going to be tainted with all these different little spy. Gay Things and your other stuff. And that's that's not going to be the case for coach. Shula I just read you about the integrity aspect of it so we lost an absolute. I mean pillar of the NFL guy. Like I said a Mount Rushmore guy the NFL in my eyes. Anyway I mean there are other great people in the NFL that helped create it and do a lot of different things and have left a legacy as well. But you know for me the four that that I put out there yesterday my four you know and people can argue all they want you know I I was getting some blowback from it but I was like you know guys you can have your four. I'll have my four four for the reasons that I feel are important as to why the NFL is the way it is today. You know and and that brings us up to where we are. Come Thursday night they can do a three hour span I know on the on the scheduling which I love and now they're not going to be any more international games this year. I love that as well. And there's a lot of interesting things that are going on behind the scenes that I wish people had a better understanding of what what is truly happening here. So they're going to announce the schedule they have no idea the individual clubs as as as up to yesterday at some point that changes between a conversation. I had yesterday to with two different people about the ticket situation for these teams. They don't know what they don't know. What the cell they don't know who to sell to. They don't know how many people are going to have allowed in the stadium. They don't know how they're going to get into the stadium. They don't know where they're going to sit. I know the Miami. Dolphins supposedly came out with a plan yesterday. But if you're in you know ticket sales or you're in you're holding onto the PSL's for the giants and the jets from one. Metlife stadium opened. Who knows who's going to be allowed to go to these games and it really. I'm telling you it puts the teams in a really weird spot and conversations. Guy Said you know what it's like. The League office is the president of the United States and the federal government. They're gonNa do what they do whether whether anybody likes her or not. And they're gonNA run the draft they're gonNA THEY'RE GONNA announce the schedule. They're going to keep everybody out of all their facilities. Everybody can go back into their facilities. But then when it comes down to the nitty gritty the nuts and bolts of what each individual team is dealing with in their own state and what it requires to run a game in a particular state. So if you're the jets and the giants you're dealing with New Jersey. The State of New Jersey. All the unions that are around metlife stadium and all that other stuff and those people have to be paid and there has to be a certain amount of money that is sold via tickets to make sure everything gets paid everything gets covered so the players get paid so the people who work for the jets get paid so the people who run. Metlife stadium get paid. There's there's a big portion of that that comes from the local ticket sales now if you're in Dallas you don't. You're not dealing with the same set of circumstances on the ground within your own stadium because of the laws there and because of the way things are done there and there's an inequity if you ask me and I always say this there's still an inequity in the league because there are certain teams that play no tax states employers would much rather play in those states unless of course they get a lot more money somewhere else and they think they have a better opportunity.

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