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A mess back in the mid seventies they didn't have enough of that state we'll continue Hampshire


The golf game to forget their golf games I know you know you know what gets me though Sean I I was just looking over during the last break they had the Herald's running with the story you know because again we we promoted we got we got her to answer the question and all that but the globe has nothing on this the Worcester telegram has nothing on this the mass live which is the Springfield Republican has nothing on this I mean they're they're all on team walked out I mean this is a big story I think this is the story people are talking about today once turtle boy posted last night this is what people were talking about they're not talking about you know what what is what is us with his face to gonna start that's all B. S. you know it's all just the you know show me the money and you can open up your business that's the way it works in Massachusetts always has always will and I certainly nothing's changed as we saw from the golf courses and it you know and but these P. these these papers these these media outlets won't touch it because

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