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05-26-20 Natives in the Spotlight: Boys and Girls Club Native Services


When it's the circle of life teaches us to take care of each other to use our voice when we are in need like the circle of life. There is an opportunity that comes around every ten years a chance to participate and let others know we are and where we are. The twenty twenty cents will be our opportunity to shape our future for generations to come shape our future start here learn more at twenty two thousand census dot. Go Ofi paid for by US Census Bureau. You're listening to native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood from slow Pueblo. Today we are focusing on native services at the boys and Girls Club of America. They do a lot of good work in communities with native youth. And we're hearing some about it. Are you familiar with your local club? Join OUR CONVERSATION BY CALLING ONE. Eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native with us today is Carlin nap. And Courtney your holder and both of them are with the need of services division and We're going to go ahead and check in with one of the clubs to do that. We're going to go all the way to Hayward Wisconsin. We have Heather Peterson with us. She is a CEO. The boys and Girls Club of Likud. Ray and she's also from that nation She's a member of the cookery nation. Thank you for being with us today. Heather welcome thank you and so heather. Now that we're touching down in one of our native communities. Tell me a little bit about some of the things that your group is doing is especially during these times This is especially different for all of us At Boys and Girls Club. It's just like it is everywhere right now. We are doing our best to stay connected with all of our families and members Mainly through social media and different personal interactions with them through telephone conversations and whatnot and what kind of interactions are you doing like puzzles or.

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