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Barstool Rundown - May 26, 2020 - burst 5


Way tomorrow off. What is good or Braun thinking all right so I always I mean I. I'll give it to him that he probably doesn't know you like how you operate but even if you know slightly how you operate all right. So here's our you'll give back on this first of all he he's he has worked with. Erica in a prior life right. So they do kind of like no. I was at the friends but they know each other now. He calls her. Erica tells me Erica. Probably shouldn't a told me but like she tells me everything but once you tell me I'm like crossing the mouth did ask him. I say I don't think he expected me to go like how did with it. And I don't even know what I'm doing is recording but I do it and it takes off and and I think scooter definitely thought he was having a private conversation. And now I'm not supposed to be. Well I'll you the whole story so goes and people get in on it

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