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RV Podcast Good News: The RV Lifestyle has resumed!



Gear in technology to enhance the RV lifestyle. So welcome we are very honored that you chose to put us in your ears this week. Well it looks different than it did before the lockdown on this episode the RV. Podcast we have lots of news about the RV lifestyle. Resuming people are out and about again in their visa vision. We're going to talk here in the RV podcast about what's open for camping. What's not and how are finally setting out once again after a very active Memorial Day weekend that saw many campers getting out there for the first time in months. We'll have the latest and plus we have. Rv tips off the beaten path trip idea from the BURKITT's an in look at care camps one of the most inspirational places on earth and one that shares the joy and excitement of camping with those who need it the most so all that and much much more in this episode two hundred ninety six of the RV podcast so let's get into it let's bring on my Rv. Podcast CO host. Who just happens to be my lifelong traveling companion bride Jennifer. Hamad your hallel Michael. Well here we are again week number. Twelve coming to From Okaloosa Island Florida. We have Snuck away a couple of times and we've got plans to hit the road but a lot of people are out there again. Isn't that Nice to hear? It's very nice to hear? We heard a lot in the questions that we got from folks on our Youtube. A live streams are. Ask US anything that goes on every Sunday night. Our virtual campground that went on last Friday night and We surveyed everybody and I would say a whole lot of people have are out there camping again. Well that's good. Yeah very impressed. Shine and social distancing. Social distancing is is is being done and it's challenging to figure out into say you know where things are open where things are normal if there is such a thing as normal in this post covid nineteen world and a number of states obviously are still shut down our home state of Michigan. For example state parks are not even scheduled to open well. I shouldn't say even schedule. Then they're closed at least until June twenty-first and it could be extended so we don't know how does thinking it was the twelfth. I think it's the twenty. Maybe it's the twelve. I don't know I don't know either. But it's not for a while. So that's that's not. GonNa be fun for a lot of folks in Michigan. Although there are player our campgrounds private ones ready to open in. There's always places the boondock in our check with our listeners. Over the weekend do people were pretty much everywhere Most in in state campgrounds most in many of them in private campgrounds and a few of them were actually boondocks docking. They had used their RV's to go and visit friends and relatives mooch docking in in neighborhoods. So it's exciting to To here we have lots of RV. News podcast news of the week so we might as.

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