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Disorder can prevent warriors from living a normal life the relationships and affect their ability to hold a steady job the wounded warrior project offers comfort and support for warriors with post traumatic stress disorder and all other scars of war whether those scars are visible or hidden find out what you can do to help because for warriors the greatest casually is being forgotten please visit wounded warrior project dot org Sam Weiss was a quarterback head coach and broadcaster in the NFL last year he became a heart recipient my life was saved on the last day that I was supposed to be on this planet and now I know what a miracle feels like it change my appreciation of every second of every day I don't know who donated that hard but my new hard gave me a new mission in life and that is to get others to sign up to be organ donors the most common thing I hear when I ask people why they haven't signed up is I don't know I just haven't thought about it why don't you think about it think about the life you might save a life you might enhance their over a hundred and thirty million people that are already signed up their men and women of all ages all races in a one thing in common they want to save lives please sign up to be an organ and tissue donor organ donor dot gov US department of health and Human Services health resources and services administration what do you make Jagger Barbara Walters and star Jones all have in common they've all suffered from something called heart valve disease heart valve disease affects eleven million Americans and if left untreated can lead to death

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