Hong Kong protestors call for massive demonstration over new flag legislation


Well in Hong Kong protesters a call the call the calling for a massive demonstration tomorrow as a legend of councils about to meet a new piece of legislation protecting the flag for more on this week's turnout arose in maths and she is Bloomberg international government executive editor Russell thank you so much for being here so as I say they're sort of to Pisa was was is we tend to think about the security legislation coming to Beijing but there's also one pending in Hong Kong as I understand it well that's right at that moment I took that to the flag obviously in Hong Kong but as far as really about the one central issue which is how much and in what way China encroaches on what Hong Kong sees as essential freedoms all people and companies home call rather see as essential freedoms that they sold was guaranteed with the handover of Hong Kong to China signed years ago and if they feel has being encouraged to call and and and that that's the question how Chinese guy kicking tile S. defense particularly that's happening in Hong Kong so you're saying that protests planned for tomorrow you could see those getting quite rowdy quite lazy possibly quite violent the question is just how much broad support is that still behind that great because you will see the hard core activists out to our age but otherwise is arrested home culturally still behind them today's hurricanes could be quite destructive but they may not be that sizable now because there are still restrictions on protests inside the protests in Hong Kong more than eight people eight Chrysler protests that at the moment but what we really need to try and understand is just how deep is the well still disappointment with China in Hong Kong locals lately so protests originally last year our number of almost half a million people I'll be at the point where we would start to see those number of people coming out again or are they simply worn down by a year a price tag bye said corona virus impact in Hong Kong by an economy that clearly in trouble and just one down to the point that they decided this is what it is exactly Rosalynn and that's why I had to borrow a term for the markets as Beijing basically price this in I mean they must have known there would be protests they must of not known to the United States might impose sanctions things like that the fact that they're willing to go forward the national people's Congress does that indicate basically Beijing's take a hard look at it the man I like it but they're willing to take the hit for the larger goal they have what seems to be the case that China is considering the moment here and there's a number of factors that come into that one is that there are legislative council elections in Hong Kong coming up in September and is a quite possibility that the majority and that would swing to opposition parliamentarians that they claim they want to get this done before that I want to get it done while of course people are still restricted in movement in Hong Kong and the house while the world's attention very much focused on the current virus and the difficulties that each country is having with that many countries are grappling with questions around I've seen their economies how to support their people in its linemen and that might be a good mind that to China to choose to do this they're obviously banking on the fact that international condemnation will be bad but the real hit to them from countries including U. S. and elsewhere might be limited on the white B. the appetite to have to hit them as hard as they could be affected in all the time so this was a finally this is the British gave Hong Kong back essentially to China it's been one country two systems some people think that may be gone now is that an overstatement to are we still gonna have one country two systems or as Beijing on the way to saying it's one country period full stop I would find a thoroughly Hazlett sectors to the idea of one country two systems also because I need to be careful in other areas including the capital and I don't of course when the front No Way international business including the banking sector too quickly the Hong Kong but one thing that's been interesting Mason is as hot as China's saying that I need home call as much as they did maybe ten years ago because I have a strong financial sector at hiring many international companies including banks can operate just on the border of mainland China and that does not fit in bed that can design considered promote the business of doing finance in China the trade that they trained three put the cursor Hong Kong and China is minimal so China has been saying for some time that we don't need Hong Kong as much as we used in the past did you think we might and baffle it's less important to us dissidents that maintaining pretense of one country two systems anymore because we can cut come coming out of the global financial system and it really doesn't matter that much so that's very much that thinking they were aware of at least say publicly that one's one that the cheapest and awful off the gate remains it's important for them to decide up front facing at least to the reality to many people is that it it it it's less of an issue a formal okay thank you so very much as R. bloomer calling Roslyn Matheson on Hong Kong

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