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Man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery shooting charged with murder


The Georgia bureau of investigation has made a third arrest in the shooting of a mod armory he is the a black man who was shot dead while jogging in his neighborhood yesterday authorities charged William Bryan with felony murder he's a fifty year old man who filmed and later posted video capturing operates death earlier this month two other men Gregory McMichael and his son Travis were both charged with murder and aggravated assault they are being held in a Greene County jail CBS news digital journalist as Mitchell is joining us now to give us a few more details about the case in the latest information you were at the Georgia bureau of investigation's up press conference what did you learn there good morning and Murray one of the things that G. B. I. director Vic Reynolds pointed out is that in this case Brian is being charged with felony murder and that is because he was also being charged with committing a felony at the time that someone died that other felony is the intent to commit false imprisonment and he wouldn't speculate as to why we are seeing this just now happening two months more than two months after the actual death of Ahmad armory however he did point us to some warrants which we are expecting to get today and that will go into more of the facts of the case we do know that the G. B. I rated them in Michael's home earlier this week and then this arrest was made just yesterday so we are starting to put together these pieces we do know that there is more video that we have not seen and director Runnels would not say exactly what is in those videos but we're expecting to learn much more as things start to unfold such as he has Brian's arrest come as a surprise was a tornado's attorney had been pretty vocal about his client his client's innocence having nothing to do with it is calling himself it appeared on various networks including our own was a surprise I sat down with Kevin god William Roddy Brian and his fiance a couple weeks ago and they were adamant that they had nothing to do with this and that Roddy simply saw Ahmad running past and then the McMichael's chasing him in their truck and that's what prompted him to start recording this video and something very interesting happened because Kevin got has been very vocal as you said just yesterday he made a post on Facebook saying in part that we can expect to hear a big and no comment from him if we try to inquire further about anything and that he said if with all due respect if you continue to call for comment about the case I will not only block you but I will also delete all contact information not for you but for your entire news organization please don't make me do that and he made that on a public Facebook posts a couple hours before the arrest and then when the arrest was made two hours after the arrest he said he does not expect to be hosting any news conferences and he has hosted news conferences as late as ten PM over the past couple weeks can you just sort of talk a little bit about the video in the timeline and what it shows could because it was the release of this video the leak of the video that really was a turning point in this case so Ronnie Bryant recorded this video and turn it over to police as soon as the murder happened on February twenty third but the public didn't see it until three weeks ago three weeks ago a separate attorney from Brunswick who is not on retainer by anybody in this case released the video saying that he was hoping to clear his friends Gregory in Travis Nick Michael by doing so and it from there sparked protests across the country people have been running for a mod to show their support and their we've been in Brunswick for the past two weeks seeing protests and rallies outside of the courthouse demanding justice but that was really the catalyst for the attention and the GB I was brought in just days after that video was released to the public and that was on may fifth at the GB I started their investigation on may seventh they arrested the man Michaels and just yesterday they arrested righty

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