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Bitcoin Builds As Resistance Stays


Podcast this is host cried. Come out. You're having a crack dye. Well what's going on in the markets? Well fruit yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag. Look there's opportunities tried. I spoke to yesterday for those are the following May on Youtube and they subscribed and have the notification. You will say my scandals. Lot Coin and cod donohoe two shots that always keeping a close on cradle. Tried there in law both of Gone Pasta. One to one especially cod. Don Not suggesting that these would definite try that you would have taken. But the levels of I spoke of certainly spoke back and I'm provided very nice moves from there a so. There has been some good options in the top ten today in a guy we sit back and we we wait and see what big coin does You know there are options guide to be shorting against Bitcoin. Stella it's looking pretty nasty but The market is it's not for the most part. It's not whiting. Bitcoin some markets so some some pests still very much waiting for if. I Talk About Lot coin while yesterday it moved. Well you know it did have a good move if I take you to that and talk to that movie yesterday wasn't a massive move but it come off its lows from its lows to work close. Knit closed near. It's near the heart of the day. That was a difference of just shot just on the full percent so lot didn't wipe bitcoin 'cause because bitcoin did bugger all yesterday. Bitcoin was up but it was up point. Five percent a gain consolidating on the Nathan Naughty nine sixty three level just under the ten thousand mark so as some markets are still progressing. Bitcoin a still watching another prom. Example of yesterday's move in the last two days obtain very bullish cod Donna for quite some time just might simply because the transmission. Gooden again we you know. Yesterday we broke up the day before it's high with setting new highs in this trend the diocese looking really really nice. Yesterday we put another four point six percent Tom will. Bitcoin did half percent. Donna did four point six to the guidelines and we saw a turnaround of law coin of around four percent as well so we all still saying markets bucking the trend and potentially leading bitcoin for the time bank. Now one thing what we've also seen is some further moves that have been quite strong in the market. You know against Bitcoin on the spot market have been some really nice moves out there as well so we all starting to see the market starting to Bitcoin Guy. Well what if you'RE NOT GONNA move higher? It doesn't mean not need to move on. I don't need to white for you and we are seeing some latest coming out so interesting to to say what we have in the next couple days because each it's like I said yesterday. God we could certainly have a full from here but you know all things probability can sit it. We've got a really nice. Little level sought inform the consolidation is gripe before a big move and and breaking catalyst number like ten thousand. This is what I like to say. Because it means that the moving average of caught up with not overextended holding our ground at if we can bust through that level there is a real good a really good chance that we might just see a very sustained. Move for quite some time and as a traitor. That's what I WANNA see. Because it means they'll get more trade zone and Maine's at all tend to make more money now of course it helps all the huddle is as well and it starts to get some. We'll price out there about bitcoin. Above ten thousand. Of course we all know the press jumps a hall of a good little story just like that and that's what I'm sort of hanging out hoping for watching for look time will tell. Bataille certainly is on the men on the bill right now. So where are we at the minute? Well but just how the the the market About Fifty minutes ago the daily candle. I'm looking here a theory. We were to fourteen. Its down point two percent Scifi di bitcoins about two point. Two down the moment as well but it would take too much into that. Yesterday we saw X. up face sit there and close roughly on China very boring shot right there slightly up wrought now but that's about all if we look onto. Bitcoin cash we are story except plays at twenty point five cents. Bitcoin cash is at two hundred forty. Six thousand ninety cents. It's flat on Today. And yesterday it was down five out of percents guy very very little going on their biggest Was down as well at one point. Six seven percent down. It's currently sitting at two hundred one dollars. Ninety nine cents very flat a But again we just started the new trading Yesterday lot coin up point I of course like I said that full turnaround the really nice boost starting to sit up there on that fifteen minute jock guys in and around. What's that level of at forty five sixty four in and around that region looking really really nice indeed It's currently a sitting flat on the dies. Well at forty forty five dollars and seventy cents EOS on the other hand gyn was down but only half percent yesterday. It's toodle sixty four currently Its down point three Bonnets also had a good day yesterday up three point five seven percent finally starting to I guess Shakeout. Some of the nerves will shaikh at some of the warring activity. The things had. It's been very slow for quite some time. It's starting to extend on a little bit better and we're starting to see a little bit better. Shot structure coming inside carly seventeen doubles and twenty two cents. It's up point one percent. Donna spoke to five point six cents theorin classes at six dollars sixty five yesterday down point six of over percent currently down point three percent a gain of very slowly die in the market there for theorin classic Tron rounding out the top ten was up one point one percent yesterday but it is really another one of these markets. Just having a hard time There was a nice flat level. Started to form that on tron yesterday and I was looking for a pullback into that region but it just you know I it's sold as big full from its peak to its lowest point in a very short period of time. Two hours doesn't two point. Two percent swing. It just ruined the whole shot so I gain across the markets yes. There are opportunities that opera presenting themselves. So I know what they're looking for but in the same respect it does look as though the market is looking to. Its big brother Bitcoin. And saying what are you GonNa do might because we'll follow you. Let's try what we say what we think and wait and see if we get up through ten thousand dollars today guys get across the Dot Com. We are making some Chinese that we've been making these changes for quite some time. It's taking law but way in In a good position we're going to be introducing some new things coming out so you don't have too much. Let me give you an exact digest. Two when the new has come out while send you would just be a sign material just presented in a much better way from myself and We are going to Russia inch. So you've got to the next little wall to get.

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