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05-21-20 Music Maker: Hwane Rios


Look at. Let's go ahead and hear what people are thinking about. These beautiful sounds that were sharing with you. And of course you can share your thoughts by dialing one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. We're going to say hi to Michael Hills and seaward Alaska tuned into Dane. Michael thank you for giving us a ring. Go ahead you're on air. Oh Good Morning Yeah. I know that Lincoln are related to the Hawaiians me. At the college teaching the colleges we used to go to Hawaii over a thousand years ago. And we used to. We used to bring them Our big trees in southeast so they make canoes out them would bring them slave and and native food. Well Michael What. These connections are definitely strong. Maybe you Nobel connections to maybe your own people have connections to have. You can share your thoughts with us today. Michael thanks for sharing. We're going to let people continue to share. We have Jackie. Who's in Gallup New Mexico tuned in on key LP? Jackie thank you for giving us a ring go ahead. You're on air. Oh think I just wanted to tell her? How beautiful her music is. It's just really nice. You Know I. I went to Hawaii years and years ago but the just listening to her. You can just see this picture. Beautiful Island you. Can I think some of these reflections through the sounds Are showing some of that. Even that vibrancy of of what you see in the terrain and of course the hearts of the people. Jackie thank you for giving us a ring. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is how you reach us or albums to give away one more We're going to say hi to Debra. Who's in the House Ski Valley in New Mexico Tuned in on k? Unm Debra thank you for calling. Go ahead you're on your Aloha Airlines Hausky Valley. I'm ninety two hundred feet I Love Monica of Hawaii. Love the land and feel strong connections to water and wind and Sun and I thank you so much for sharing your music and for Native America calling for sharing sharing more of hover. Isola you voice and we got a minute before break and just real quick any thoughts. I'm just so grateful for everybody who called in and resumes this music and I just wanted to comment.

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