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05-22-20 Native artists get creative to stay afloat


Eight. Four eight is the number and today we're GONNA start off in Gergi North Carolina. We have Kim Peon. She is the executive director of South Western art. Southwestern Association for Indian Artists Aka Soi. She is from the call. Ville confederated tribes and eastern band of Cherokee Indians. Our pleasure to have her here. Kim Welcome to native America calling. Thank you I really appreciate. That and Kim I guess we're welcoming you into to these circle in not too long ago. The announcement of your new appointment came and so with this and understanding of this is a very different year for swire tells a little bit about some of the moves to still support artists Because the market has been postponed till next year so it must definitely anybody who is not Who did he does not have an online presence at this time are suffering in reference to their Indian arts and so as we had to make the decision to not have engine market. This year there was a need for us to Pivot our business model. And that's what we did. And so we've tip it our business model to be able to capture actual Indian market and we are in the process of putting that together and explain a little bit how this works. I also understand that These have been suggestions from artists from before that maybe we should be also doing things online. Go ahead sure so There are several different platforms. That were actually looking. Not Looking at and one of them. The most important one I feel for artists is the E commerce piece of this and as you started out at the beginning of this This communication that people can go on various different websites. And we are in the process of actually developing.

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