As part of its multiple investigations into the president's financial dealings.


Said. We could see a rapid increase in cases and deaths in Michigan. If we let down our guard Thie governor said on CNN of the numbers continue moving up, She will dial back the economy again. Dr Frank made, George says the governor's looking at data that shows a troubling trend. A consistent trend upwards for about the last two weeks, which is concerning now it's not as massive as it is in other states. But the point is you want it. You need to stamp on the ember as it were before it catches the larger fire. Once that fire catches on a broad base, it's impossible to extinguish easily. Doctor MK George, speaking to Steve Courtney. Layoffs are coming to Metropolitan Airport. The Wayne County Airport Authority has sent letters already two employees announcing they'll be making layoffs and separations due to the pandemic and a big downturn and flights. Officials say the number of layoffs and separations hasn't been determined yet because negotiations haven't begun with unions. United Airlines is taking the next step to ensure its long term survival. Correspondent Bill Michaels has more United Airlines and that's nearly half of its frontline workforce could be furloughed this fall. That includes 15,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5500 maintenance employees and 2200 pilots. The news paints a grim picture of the fallout from the Corona virus pandemic on the airline industry. Right now, United is on ly operating 1/4 of its flights compared to last year, and those planes are on ly about 55%. Full bookings have started to tumble once again as the virus continues to spread rapidly in certain areas. I'm Bill Michaels. FBI agents have raided and art and sports memorabilia factory in the small town of Cedar near Travers. City. Forgers working inside the barn had been cranking out paintings, and they've also been passing them off his originals. FBI agents a sports Mementos from past figures like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Lou Gerry, have also been found. Federal law enforcement officials are calling it a national crime ring that operates out of the metro Detroit and three other states. The Supreme Court has ruled on President Trump's tax returns. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has that story. The nation's

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