Armed vigilantes gather around Columbus statue in South Philadelphia


Armed vigilante sourcing carrying baseball bats and gone around the Christopher Columbus statue in South Philadelphia W. Charlotte Reese was there and has the story the debate is about what to do with the Christopher Columbus statue over the past couple weeks controversial statue started coming down across the world due to the civil unrest that includes center city's Frank Rizzo statue and his mural in the Italian market south Philly resident John Fosco says enough is enough they're trying to you grace our heritage okay you're doing the same thing that Columbus day Columbus went in and took away the native Americans heritage for Peter Erickson he remembers learning about Columbus in school but not the entirety of it not the genocide of indigenous people and taking up their land he says having a statue in public symbolizes acceptance I think that the statue should be put in museums don't erase history contextualize history mayor Kenney tweeted saying all the the Chilean Chilean T. T. ism ism is is inappropriate inappropriate he he says says the the incident incident where where a a journalist journalist was was attacked attacked is is being being investigated investigated

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