Puma-fy Harley-Davidson Warren Buffetts $9.7B bet. Chipotle launches e-farmers market. Harley jumps 7%. - burst 4

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Gas pipelines right when things look their worst. That's when Warren Buffet wants in. h.w Buffet want in the Albus Dumbledore of American financing cousy stock. Young wards actually got a scar on his forehead from this one time. Apple almost cut their dividend Jack Nick whenever Warren Buffett speaks. We all feel a little bit more at ease. At the guy and you feel better about whatever it is. You're doing right the eighty nine year old band, warren, Buffett Berkshire hathaway slurping up an energy drink right now called Dominion Energy. That's right. Dominion Energy Ticker Symbol Just D.. They got the alphabet own. Just the letter. D. Impressive. Jack Dunkin donuts was not happy about now. This company is doing the old fashioned midstream energy. They are not drilling, and they are not

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