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Divisive politics we're hearing more about today. Donald Trump may believe that pitting Americans against Americans will benefit I don't There's new evidence that masks are effective and stopping the spread of the Corona virus, K ABC contributor Jim Roop reports. In fact, the studies suggest face coverings are more effective than first thought. The studies out of the University of California, Davis and the University of Oxford say even homemade face coverings can protect both the wearer and those around them the original reason for masks to protect others, but this study concludes, the masks we wear protects us, reducing the breathing in of particles by 65%. Problem is, researchers say the guidance has been confusing and there's no single understanding of their effectiveness. The hope is now the's studies will provide solid evidence of their effectiveness. Hawthorne based the Space X will try again Saturday to launch its twice delayed mission to deploy 57 Internet satellites into orbit. On Wall Street. The major indexes closed next case. ABC SPORTS Ohio State is pausing voluntary workouts for

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