Why Learning to Say 'No' Will Accelerate Your Success


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric. Su and I'm Neil Patel and today. We're GONNA. Talk about why learning to say no will accelerate your success. Let's reframe this real quick and early days Neil when you're starting out as an entrepreneur. You would always look at the newest opportunities. And what would you do about those opportunities? I always said not always what most cases I said. Yes, and that's what ended up causing me to do one too many things derailing my focus and funny enough 'cause less success over time I think what Neil's also saying is a lot of us become more and more successful. You're going to have more and more opportunities coming your way, and you can either accept the fact that you're. You're drowning in opportunity, or you can do something about it and say no more and funny enough Steve Jobs said this in the past. He says what's really lead to apple. Success was the ability to say no. They said no way more things than they said yes to. And when he first came back to apple after he was fired, he shut down many different product lines, and that's just the basis of it. It's really saying no all the opportunities that you're drowning in. When you say no, and you end up focusing on the stuff that really matters. That's when you double down I was once talking to entrepreneur name Brian Lee, and he created a company called shootout with Kim Kardashian before that was legalzoom, and the most recent one was honest company with Jessica Alba. And I remember years and years ago I. Don't know Bryan while at all I. don't even know him really by interviewed him for my blog years and years ago, and he mentioned one thing that really resonated with me, and he said you need to have super laser focus only tried to do one thing at a time and the moment your growth slows down and you can't get it to keep growing. That's when you expand until then you just stick with what you're doing. Yeah more Buffett and Bill Gates when they first met I believe this is a story, or this wasn't when they first met someone albums. Like what's the secret to your success? They both wrote down one word on a piece of paper and flip it over, and they said focus was the main obey. And the other thing to do just to give more examples. You look at Zillow. You look at glass door. You look at all those companies it's who's the one guy that started all those companies again rich partner. Expedia, glass, door and Zillow, yeah, but he focused on each one. He didn't try to do all of them. At the same time, he took the domain expertise that he had is like I. Know How to build a two sided marketplace. I know how to take advantage of Joe I know that there is a gap in the marketplace attack that so he used the same thesis three times, but he didn't try to do them all at the same time and I can tell you. These guys are older and more experienced than I. can say Neal My. We're getting older. We're not up there yet with them. We don't have the. The experience that they have yet, but I can tell you as Neela I've gotten older. We've gotten better at saying. No, I'll say better than before, but still trying to get better at it. It's hard because we all have the shiny. Object Syndrome. And when you learn to say no, it'll make you really understand what you should be focusing on. Because there's so many opportunities out there. In many cases, we missed the ones that are the best ones because we say. Yes, to so many that we don't spend enough time uncovering the true potential of anyone, business or anyone, strategy or anyone concept, and the same goes with your marketing. Even in the air. Can I talk Omni Channel? Yes, you should go omni channel, but focus on one or two marketing tactics out once doom, really well before you expand into all in because there's not enough time in the day to do everything perfectly well, unless you have a massive team, the other thing is I would google the T. sheets, marketer, and really understand as a marketer that you should try to go deep on one. One thing and then you try to expand and get a little more breadth, but the depth is what you really want to folks when people talk about what Neal's known for Seo or what I'm doing for I think largely people was. This is weird, sometimes WANNA go speak at a conference. They don't know what to call way, so they called me an seo extraordinary and I don't know where the hell they got that from. The same problem yeah. Seo Eric. All right. Put into this box, but I guess that's what we know and Belize pisses me off sometimes when I'm lying. Put into a box, but you have to be okay with that because you try to be everything being nothing

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