As the death toll tops 130,000 new cases of Corona virus are rising and at least 32 states since last week.


Merrow was one of three people inside a white vehicle who pulled up to the home in front of where Natalie was playing and open fire. Her grandmother says she had only been outside mere minutes before she was hit by gunfire. A 32 year old man also was shot and police managed to locate that white vehicle with Marilyn Cy. The West Sider was brought in for questioning charge and also hit with aggravated battery for discharging a firearm charge. Police say the shooting was gang related in retaliation for another shooting from several weeks ago, and Natalie was an unintended target. We talked to Natalie's parents by phone after those charges came down yesterday. Her mother, who lives in Memphis, is hoping the other men responsible are also brought to justice. I'm coming home happy instead of £1. My daughter should be turning themselves in, and everybody in the community should should be walking them in there.

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