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Larry Kramer, playwright and AIDS activist, dies at 84


Writer playwright author gay rights activists and aids activist Larry Kramer has died of pneumonia at the age of eighty four here's Jim Chevy our reporter once described Larry Kramer as the game worlds leading apostle of unrest certainly he was an active he co founded the group's gay men's health crisis and act up in the nineteen eighties in response to the aids epidemic and Kramer's writings were meant to stir up the audience his play the normal heart portraying the pain of HIV still even though Kramer's set out to be confrontational he told CBS news it was not easy making a full of himself in front of others but you know you kind of think of the greater but Jim Shannon B. C. B. S. news Kramer and his husband architectural designer David Webster have been together since nineteen ninety one they were also a couple back in the seventies act up said the Kramers raids helped inspire a movement and Elton John said today that we've lost a giant of a man who stood up for gay rights like a

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