Thoughts on Dealing w COVID-19 from Doug Petrick Upper St Clair HS track & XC coach



When did you first find out that your job is a physics teacher and has his across country coach at Upper Saint Clair that you weren't going to be going to into work early morning every day so I wanNA say probably March. Eleventh was when all this like hit in terms of the high school and I know earlier that week At students asking. Hey what's going on? I heard were not going to be here next week. I believe the date might have been the eleventh And our administration hit said you know the the following week we would not in school and I think at that point. We just sort of a suspension through the middle of April So that being said you know Sports deathly weren't going to be happening. during this suspension academics weren't going to be happening in like. I WANNA tip my hat to the administration. Upper Saint Clair high school because they were very proactive. About like thinking in having a plan in place in not rushing to hurry up and do something to fill time In I had a feeling that we weren't going to go back to doing distance learning illness after the last three weeks But instill we got the official word It are like department meeting virtual that you know. We're not going back in the building in the state for athletics and activities said. We're we're down without as well. I don't WanNa say I was in disbelief but I just didn't process it didn't seem that real so. I think it like last Thursday Data will we got the official word and you and I were chatting prior to starting recording. I think I mentioned to you that I I started to take it seriously. Maybe four or five days before that and March tenth or eleventh was when I shut everything down to. I'm fortunate in that my real job is I teach online for California University of Pennsylvania so my job per se hasn't changed that much but I'm curious prior to that March eleven. Say a week before that or two weeks before that where was the thought process or was there a thought process about cove nineteen in the Upper Saint Clair School district as far as you as a teacher and also as a track coach where you're traveling all over western Pennsylvania. Yeah so I guess we go back to the end of February. We're still in our indoor track and field season so we're actually at Penn state. We had ugly. Three athletes go to st in so it was the NFL. Or wasn't I don't want to say it wasn't hitting United States but it was something wasn't in the Public train were In any of the media and it may was naive but I didn't know how it would impact us or if it was going to impact us so I can speak from my stealth just in terms of when it I hate. You know that week of the eleventh for before the eleventh the beginning of March on I would see things. Come up on the news or in my twitter. Feed and really. I didn't know the magnitude of what it was in Seoul. The fallen wake. You know we weren't school in All the information that kept coming for the I just I didn't have a lot of information about it beginning so I didn't anticipate the Manitou is going to have on everything in everyone's like how long after the March eleventh again just for people who are listening I know it differs from state to state. Were you aware that the track season was not going to continue or was going to cease to exist from that point forward. Yes it we were two weeks in. That was the end of the second week and occupied w-we end the WPA Kinda like two weeks suspension of nothing ends on the way home. I want to see when I got home. My phone's blowing up and local coaches taxi non. They're taxing me and I guess different districts were handling it differently awesome were just doing exactly with the POW said some were doing more than what they had said But I don't want to say I was in disbelief but it sort of as more time went on. Initially I thought we would go back. Maybe just have a district championship or they would modify. The state need probably about a week and a half ago. I JUST THOUGHT MARK. It seems like this is just not going to happen. part of that. Is You know a lot. The kids that we had the in college I mean their seasons were cancelled at the beginning of March. I was thinking you know if college is GonNA cancel not have a season. It would make sense to me that a high school awkward sees with still go on. I'm curious I know you have a number of athletes. Go on run in college. What effect do you think that? This is going to have on high school seniors now as far as getting recruited or getting if they're good enough getting scholarship money to go to college is the fact that they are not going to be able to run their senior year and run times potentially or PR's right no it's it's GonNa impact a lot of. I would almost even say. Kids are juniors in terms of if they're track athletes usually their junior year weather guy or girl. Those Times that the colleges US recruit them their junior in spring track. So yeah they're gonNA be at a disadvantage. I'm some the seniors we have. That are gonNA run in college. They were in the process of sort of Being proactive prior to that of visiting schools reaching out schools figuring out if running is gonNA work in their future with academic so seniors are missing their senior season But I almost want to say maybe the juniors are going to be track athletes. They're you know very they will have no times at all. Naturally with colleges. College coaches look at in terms of

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