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Baltimore Ravens, Nina Thomas And Austin Police Department discussed on Drew Garabo Live


The Baltimore Ravens still does actually right yes because I know I'm TMZ sports has obtained court documents that show a very unfortunate incident happening with this NFL player detail in a violent April thirteenth altercation involving the Baltimore Ravens player his girlfriend Nina Thomas and several others the Austin police department responded to a home in Austin Texas area at three forty one AM after getting a call about a disturbance when cops arrived they say they observed that a black female wearing an orange sweater with a knife in her hand later identified as Nina Thomas was chasing a shirtless black male later identified as Earl Thomas Thomas Gillespie with a pistol in his hand around the vehicle here's Nina story and what happens media claims that oral left their home early in the day after an argument over the NFL players drinking she claims Earl's brother Seth Thomas pick them up well no it's not a lot of like using so true but a short time later she decided to check on his whereabouts by logging into a Snapchat account and that's what she found video with another woman Nina says she used Earl Snapchat account to track his location to a nearby Airbnb.

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