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UFC 249 Picks, Last Dance & Madden Mayhem Week 2 (Ep. 819) - burst 18


-I plus one fifty five dog against Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson minus one ninety favourite rich. What are you doing here besides correcting my pronunciation? This is interesting because this fight and a lot of ways in many ways mirrors the earlier fight Jeremy Stevens and Calvin cutter in in terms of its two fighters who I kind of view and somewhat similar ways. The only difference here is that that I fight between Jeremy. Steven Cowan cutter is like a as a so cow. Brawler like a cerebral fighter in this fight is to complete maniacs but Justin. Gage is a forward facing. Go out on his shield. I'm GonNa Swing for the fences. Talented fighter hard hitter who's willingness to do whatever it takes to please. The fans is part of as derailed. His career at this stage on the other side of it is the most is one of the most cursed fighters in the history of the sport. Tony Ferguson. Who for the fifth time now has lost the fight against Khabib from being made fourth or fifth time.

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