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On the Table Gaming Podcast Episode 76: Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Games and ASOIAF TMG


You at the same time. I mean. They've been tricked out the hype. The product got out Enter the unsullied sword. Masters have been out so it seems like up till then those those made it. We'll see what happens to the next in the next couple. Months delayed the sculpture and stuff. You feel like I can never tell me and my my head like envisioning it. But it seems the sculpture getting better disregarding like those weird. Mela Sandra knows things you were talking about some of their boxes her nose like isn't that's a that's a Qa thing not still think thing that's just that's just the fact that that it's they're making products fast. They're not checking their checking. Their casts got like stark bowmen to like anything. That's come out in the past few months and it's like holy crap like thing. That's that's just experience people dialing what they want also even One of these notices that the scale is a lot more consistent have giant huge ridiculous Lancaster's right dinky small free folk were like. Oh anemic. He's supposed to be a giant Matt terrifying terrifying Viking. People there squaring off against the square off against you know joe farmer from someone who's willing to give it a really expensive told if he loses the helmet he's got his tone hans-peter because you're literally just sort of standing the armor. That's all you're supposed to do. You're holding the armor up and walking around. Imagine with the Lancaster training like you heard your armor or just a Manikin. Maybe this is just adding the armor. Right that's what they look so sacred. Just stand here and point the spirit towards the charging horses do now. We've got the seven factions right. So you know I know you play a lot of stark's and especially nights Wahdan. Also you play. Bulletins I mean you play a bunch of forces but now that we're up to seven factions. Do you have a favorite faction? Well it's funny because I think the tactics deck tends to dominate. That conversation are units that are individually powerful but I think that most of the functions of a doctrine doctrine stuck I do think that the starks and the night's watch core tactics probably most powerful the game still and you can actually see that because their cards have been blended into other faction Kantar Gary Pulsa Stark. Because they're just amazing cards and the differences you got to really powerful. You know court cards in the tug Aaron's and the free folk but then you'll get the star Trek's now all right like all together. I would've said the Lancaster Kodak was really good too but I will say that. The not the not the reduction of morality. The game the fact it's been flattened can't spike hard. I hit by anymore because the last reduc was built on spiking morale and just putting so much of an influence on the die. Roll that you were just taking your morale stat in casualties. Typically when you felt around as a free folk player I have certainly. I remember those days an because the problem is the worst. Got Got the worse. You actually took casualties from route so Ronstadt. That wasn't just what you needed. Role a pass. It was actually went facing masters. It was your casualty and so anything I will take. Eight wounds on my raiders. Nine with at least the minimum wound. Maybe I used to just come apart. The clouds likes you know damn people. Oh well the negative experience with that is. It wasn't even farmers. It was a blonde lady sitting in a castle. Somewhere one hundred miles away right right and had thought you'd already put a crown look. Hey she's cheating or some shield. She makes you pay anger. I will send you the rest of the hand later and the ran away and so yeah I think that's a that's a that's A. That's an definitely okay thing to do. I think the very I'll take is okay but the problem is left with. Here's here's just circle back to my point about updating game play assets on the fly the one thing they actually can't update as the talk right right so unless you. I mean they can but as you physically physically need those carts while you get the print it out and then it would look like a and it would make it would actually need to sleep fatter and Lee ad or some. There's some real like those are the things they'll have to new ones off if they go in and change the tax tax and I'd say that although seven factions right now and part of it is the wide and deep mentality starks. I'm pretty confident structure time this. I don't think there's a lot of units here. Come get one or two more units over the next three years for the Kinda of like. There's not really like what else could you imagine over? Like the fee was the fat guy in is the plight of the tribal like conference. Maybe sure wait on the well. I mean he here box like that's just going just going deeper into something. It's not that's true. The problem is that at the end of the day. Regardless of what you're on. Cbs Arm attachments. Wants are the core infantry right the thing sitting on the table what actually dominate the conversation in a game how they interact with each other by the characters in the NCAA toxic stuck but like Dr. The core competencies to talks. That would change the six cards that you have base of Your Twenty Card Deck. What they are the core competence of the faction and then the the actual the and so. They're adjusting the units. A bunch we might see more changes there. But but I don't think you're GONNA see a lot of things come out and I think they've got for judicious messing with neutrals to visit problems. Once you just like the way like the long sorted history of of Michael Chanels favorite unit that being just the best thing in the game and has slowly like wound. Its way around too but if we keep it like this when we GET PEOPLE CALVARY ASPIRIN CAL. Drago makes this kind of ridiculous like it can't be available at all. Righty amazing because every time they go look at their army lists. Why don't take any of my stuff and I could just the other America and so you end up with this. Overshadowing becomes unfortunate an honest. I just made the Bolton Star break. Just make them. Just make them starks and give them the right literally just be a one card changing like it's like a like a no coined beyond the wall card like hey listen. That's just their rule. Exactly right just make stocks as a line like you have such an experience like a depth of experience of the war gaming in at some point every game is going to have so many units that you're just like it's too much and then he's like creative themes and things every game gets there. It's unavoidable unique like an inevitability here where they're going to be. That would be an idea to yes. Well it's two things that they they will slowly run to wards and they're gonNA run towards the fact that they're they're playing a licensed under eventually just GonNa rock names Right like you you George Die Day anymore bucks. But then they're gonNA find a bunch of schools with names on it. I think he'll make name generator. We'll find it'd be like it'll be like Christopher Talk. Show it just goes. Nobody knows what the Hell's going but but no but that's that's the that's the inevitability one the ability to is eventually reach a consumer exhaustion where people stop caring because they're overwhelmed right and so so there is unfortunately like unless you start. Did what happens that as you move into like face to the life cycle of a game where you get updated scopes get re sculpt get an whole new addition change. Yeah you can use your look at all these models and you've watched games workshop years right. We're like yeah functionally. I could use my space marines from nineteen eighty nine. No problem but but I don't because one third the size and while I have an affection for them not nearly as cool in space marines from two thousand so it's it's sort of like that progression where you move into new phases for a game at seven factions. I think we're we're not nearly there yet like there's lots of new stuff to come out and there's the you've gone you've gone just the tip against prevent Aaron's and really on the Broth as well right. I think we've got we've got Joel is to see at some point. We've got great. Jobs are going to be neutral. I don't know I don't know how you slow their their. They're a thing but I don't know if there's enough there to make a like I want like Black Lauren. Theon and I up at the same time like I don't know if it's I don't know if it's greedy to try and make them their own faction or or if you saw somebody else go. I think they're gonNA go full faction unless maybe a weird neutral mechanic where it's like. He can play well. Yeah I don't know because they're going to do a starter set in quarter four of this year and they're going to try and do a new distribution model where I guess they released the starter faction with a few units. If you core unit dip making playable you think that's a better way to do it. Then like kind of teasing it out over time. I mean it definitely makes it more playable ready to start. We have so many neutrals though. I mean maybe do you think it's a good experiment. I think I think what you need to give them. So the problem is that until you. So here's here's on. I'm I'm people making data so wonderful. Anyway the his lawyer he's a suit he's like he is genuinely just a great human being. I.

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