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Just search youtube out of things that will pop up. One of the best ones is called extract wisdom teeth watts. Laugh surgery videos go watch on their. Yes that's jail Mack okay. It was what was that again. Extract was extracted found settlement Jason's material. But Jason is not just third molars. It's any extractions. A lot of that is review for me just because I do a lot of surgery. Despite that found my new book your ethnic I took ages of notes going through his material on such Allen's just you know in the whole context of of our situation now I mean I just cannot imagine. There's not going to be a lot of teeth to take out when we get back so I guess that was my next question. I like personally. I don't have too much interest in doing in thirds but I could always use upping my game just on regular teeth. You know if you if you didn't have any interest in thirds. Would you still recommend the course? Which absolutely maybe you know like I said for me sort of a review but are there things that I sort of learn on the fly and in this kind of analogy he makes about it being a flight manual. You know instead of just being up in the air learning this on the fly you have this flight manual eager available for questions Kind of be the flight instructor so to speak. But it's it's it's stuff like that. Learn on the fly in if I had a hats at the like this to go through before getting in like my prison. Dentistry Gig at had been tremendously helpful just to have a strategy. We've talked about their previous episodes about having a plan. Eight hundred were you go to be. Doesn't work get a C. C doesn't work you get a D. in walks through all those Also issued a lot of things to avoid A lot of things that maybe should be automatic referrals. Just depending on your skill set. It was awesome. Can you give a specific example? Some tips or whatever that that may have been reviewed but you know got so like I said. I really didn't go through a lot of the extraction stuff yet in had probably a very small knowledge of third molar removal. And something that have done in the past But again not necessarily learn flop and not having everything laid out this will but basically. Let's take lower third molar for example he basically whilst flap is on Walks through basically? How you WANNA trough the bone there. Which explained why you might do that. Or what designed their walks through that explains why And then basically kind of the steps from mayors or as you know trying to elevate their if that doesn't work On the sectioning section doesn't work There's he's got a little technique is kind of hard to describe the air without seeing it vaguely but using a Gosh I can't remember the name of the instrument but it's it's a where to like a crane pick. Yes my dad's been serving ears away to basically like a purchase point talks a lot about that about purchase points and were surtee in when you don't have a good one or two badly broken down how to create your own purchase point so that was probably the most helpful thing from tell us about what is what does the course cost Mac and like how does it how long you get access. Yes it's on a yearly subscription base. There's a couple of different tiers In I think you can do basically the regular extractions and the fees a little bit lower in they charged. You know a good bit more for the third molar portion of that South Eve you could go trial regular part if you wanted to without a really big investment In that if you like what you see there and want to start doing more Extractions you can step up to that. Asha reached out the Jason. And kinda talked to him about how I got into this and everything and He's very excited about us. Jentzsch presenting this thing. The matures relatively new trying to get some new people out there. So he did actually offer us A coupon code so yeah Nice. Streamline Generous with a twenty percent off code in the code is hacks. Ha CK S If that's something you're interested in looking into It's not a huge of estimate Again in the context of were coming back to you. Know there's GonNa be a lot of take out and you know. A lot of people are in financial distress. Dentist teeth out there that people normally want to save and they may not be able to four to get back says the skill set. You Need I. It's one of those things that you're going to do. This is not you know. Three D. stuff three.

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