Miami - Governor DeSantis announces that 200,000 antibody tests have arrived in Florida


Toll from corona viruses are passed seventy one thousand president trump telling ABC news more Americans may die as the country re opens but he said we must restart the economy soon he plans to disband the White House coronavirus task force next month saying it's time to focus on safety and re opening meanwhile cases in nineteen states that have eased restrictions are trending higher thousands of workers in meat and poultry plants across the U. S. second by the novel coronavirus now fears of a meat shortage across the country ABC news chief national correspondent Matt Gutman some of the biggest companies in the country happening at meat plants in it's been described as stationary cruise ships there are workers Alberto elbow shoulder to shoulder right across from each other and that's why at thousands of them under one refrigerated roof I mean it is a Petri dish for infection and contagion which is why we seen so many of these meat plants shut down so the president could order them to be opened but they can't do it because they simply don't have the labor more layoffs this morning Airbnb is cutting twenty five percent of its work force the company predicts a fifty percent drop in revenue revenue this this year year Wall Wall Street Street Dow Dow futures futures are are higher higher you're you're listening listening to to ABC ABC news news from from the the W. W. Y. Y. O. O. D. D. twenty twenty four four hour hour traffic traffic center let's take a look at

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