Vanessa Bryant finds 'one more letter' from Kobe Bryant, opens on her birthday


Today single the mile. Tuesday it is Vanessa Bryant. Three Eighth Birthday It's been three months since she lost her husband. Kobe Bryant and daughter Jonah in a helicopter crash. I can't believe it's already been three months. They just flies by and every time I see pictures of them. I still shocked and left in disbelief. And as Vanessa marked her thirtieth birthday today. She reminisced about her romance with you. Know the late basketball star who? She called the love of my life after discovering a love letter from him. So Vanessa revealed. She saved one special love note to read on her birthday is like kind of like the last no from him sharing a photo of her hand covering the front of the envelope from Kobe. Vanessa Bro. In her options. She posted his instagram. She captioned yesterday. I found an envelope labeled to the love of my life from Lou. Poppy I waited to open one more letter. My birthday a gave me something to look forward to today. And Oh my God. I had to like pause after reading. That's only like halfway through a caption neither pause from reading that just because I'm like. Oh my God like don't start shitting tears girl like it's Sosa like the fact that she's like. I saved this last love letter from the love of my life to have something to look forward to my birthday. Like she is so strong she's trillion is like. I wish I can just give her like a huge hug. I'm sending one virtual hug towards her and her family Vanessa Vanessa explained that in a heart wrenching. Twist it in the lighter. An Image Colby had chosen for the front of the card depicted. Vanessa being held by an angel. Okay you guys. That was with the front of the card. The image was Vanessa. Being held by an angel she added the irony is that Kobe had a photo of me drawn with an angel me up by an artist on the cover missing the love of my life and my sweet little Mama Sita. My Fellow Torres grateful to wake up to my three sweet girls today. Wish we were altogether and then she hashtag birthday. Wish that's all. She concluded her caption.

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