UN releases emergency funds to help vulnerable countries


The U. N. is hoping to raise six point seven billion dollars the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs mark Lowcock told me about the situation the poorest countries are facing what is true source of problems ready the fastest what we're seeing the gradual spread of the virus noticed foster's some people fool but nevertheless a growing exhilarating spread them the disease it brings and of course the poorest country have the weakest health systems theorist Dr is the thirty seventh lowest ability to respond to disease but in fact they even bigger calamity is the economic collapse which is leading to a spike in poverty huge increase in hunger the specter of famines unfolding on the horizon reducing immunization services and I don't know what we're doing now new plan is responding said that second sort of problem give us some examples that it would be useful to get some sort of focus on you mentioned firemen all this specific groups in in crotch all countries that are at risk more than others of course this problem now affects every country on the planet and pretty much every person on the planet said our plan deals with about sixty four countries but we didn't that group of countries the ones that the light you see the largest loss of life if we can get a good response to the ones that are already the most vulnerable said places like Yemen the Central African Republic Afghanistan Democratic Republic of Congo I'm within those countries the most vulnerable groups to pay the whole tend to be the youngest in the family the oldest basically and women and girls in particular now because the disease seems to have the biggest effect on older people and one thing about the countries where humanitarian agencies work is a populations tend to be younger said the disease itself may not be the biggest problem that we are facing for the rest of this year and into next year in terms of life saving activity okay so so in a way you're agreeing with the World Health Organization when they say that the numbers in western Europe may be falling they're saying that that may not be the case in the rest of the world the you'll see you'll saying something different you're expecting it to be pretty devastating in the months ahead in project entries our our assessment is exactly the same as W. a case that first P. teams to be passing in Europe and North America but there's an accelerated if slower than lots of people full growth of cases in the poorest countries but the poorest countries have more than one problem cavities help her have any problem these are the consequences of economic collapse are very much on our minds as well but we do think that you know we can C. S. rapid growth of cases in Africa policy South Asia Latin America all the valuable reasons as

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