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How a restaurant's ventilation system can affect the spread of the coronavirus


And what researchers are learning is that there's more for restaurant owners to consider when wearing masks and social distancing ventilation they say complain important role as well a recent study out of China showed how one customer with covert nineteen spread the disease ten nine others when a virus is caught up in an airstream it has the potential to to move much further than six feet professor Kevin van den Y. Mellon Berg and five other researchers from the university of Oregon and university of California Davis all the authors of a paper focused on minimizing viral transmission in buildings your team has a three D. model of how would may spread we created a conceptual visualization of how the aerosols may be spreading in that room with a with a fan that is simply recirculating the air whether it was an air conditioner or just a fan moving air the visualization is really trying to articulate how the particles get caught up in the air and move around space the team created a second animation

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