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Is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. So Neil I'm going to talk to you about something that I think has a bit of a tradition on the good news podcasts. I think they'd done stories about balloons in the past. I remember I remember a balloon maker. Somebody who made balloon maker interview. Yeah of course so today. It's about balloons so there's a company here in Chicago called loof balloons and right now. The business at loof balloons is booming. Which is such good news to hear these days because a lot of small businesses are struggling Loof balloons is small business and you might be wondering. Hey calling what's loof balloons? Are you in what I'll tell you? It's a balloon creation company. They're very sophisticated balloon. Creations think like balloon art and balloon like installations. So these are very grand. This is not your balloon entrance right with sort of an ARC. This is this is like this is like the opera of balloons. If you can imagine holy Moly I can't imagine and honestly I already thought an extremely sophisticated album these beautiful balloon. Creations are perfect. Way To show joy and celebration but also maintain social distancing right so you can send a balloon. Creche to a friend. Who's having a birthday in? It'll their day and it feels celebratory. But you don't have to get together on a room and you don't have to do the like Awkward Zoom. Hang out things that happens. Sometimes have you any sometimes. Well not not one right. Not this one. No yes I definitely when people are like no you go ret yes did you. Are you gonNA to say that? Say That again you broke up all over Chicago. Folks are celebrating graduations and weddings and engagements and birthdays. And what they're doing is they're creating their celebrating these moments with these public balloon creations and really. It's all about joy so that has been. I thought that was such good news. Lift balloons is also doing their part. They are installing the arrangements at hospitals to help lift spirits of frontline workers and they have this really inexpensive like blue bag of balloons. Kids because like kids. Are you know you give them a balloon like fifteen minutes? Which is huge. They love balloons. So that's the other thing but I'm GonNa tell you my my favorite part about this story. So lift balloons has created a map of all of the balloon installations all over the city. So you can go to luth website and under joy finder. You can find a map of where all these creations are so if you want to go for a walk if you're in Chicago and you WANNA see them. This is a way to sort of say. Oh I'm going to do this route and I'll get to see like four balloon creations. I love that I love that. It is Leveraging technology to like see something in the built world that is temporary and beautiful. Get outside and get some sun where your mask and be cautious and maintain social distancing but see some cool balloons on instagram. If you if you look for the TAG Hashtag has tag joy finder. You can also see all the balloon you can see the different photos of these balloons too. So you can do it. Digitally I guess if you want a digital locking Neil yes if you were gonNA balloon bomb somebody with some beautiful balloon creations. Who WOULD YOU BOB? What would you yeah? I mean I think so. Here's where my head is at. I want like the most bang for my or from my penny. If you will get you terminology and I'm thinking like the people who like balloons most are generally kids disagree. I like balloons the most. Okay never mind. I would just deliver them. You know you're right. Kids like if there is an opportunity to get like kids and puppies and balloons sort of in the same Like interaction space. That would be very exciting. Like puppies jumping and biting balloons. Maybe right outside the doorway of a kit child's home or a a daycare facility like something where all three of those very exciting things can interact. That's my thought. I love that. Get get balloons puppies and kids together. That'll be that'll make joy for everybody. Small Business Idea states. Hey work in the balloons. Papi's kids balloons puppies. Can't what about you? Who BALLOON BLOOM. Bam good question if I had unlimited resources I would. I did okay in this world I do. I would love to balloon bomb any person who lives in Chicago over the age of eighty. Yeah good you know every single one of them though I want. I want every single one of them to have some sort of installation in front of their house or attached to their house or or or attached to their garage or they're building or whatever it's not. It's not like a handful. It's like in one morning out happen that's great. Yeah I mean that would be that would be like Do Do you remember the movie? Elf Oh we watch it every Chris say like I watch it every week. You know the part where he puts molasses or something on top of Spaghetti and then just eats it. Every time I feel so nauseous just watching it so at the end of that movie. There's like this whole moment where they're like trying to like raise joy and like splash. So I think like if you were to do your balloon canvas all let once that would be a huge bump to just like general city morale. I think yeah we would really see that. In Santa's Sleigh who'd be like Lori lightfoot would just be our mayor Lori lightfoot would just like sort of levitated. Why I'm GonNa go is nice. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Incredible or maybe you want to tell a joke or idea. Excellent email us at. Hello at the good news. Podcasts dot F. M. or leaves a voicemail and seven three two one seven zero one five six you can also tweet us at the good news pod and follow us on instagram. And if you love the good news podcasts. 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