Guy Fieri raises over $20 million for struggling restaurant workers


You know how many people are how many people are are are are struggling right now it's not so the guy fieri man did something really good twenty million Bucks for struggling restaurant workers that's a great story it's a great store your watch guy fieri I'm not not particularly but I've always found him to be an amusing the muezzin character yeah he something I I'll tell I'll I'll give you that I'm not you know he annoys the hell out of me but this is a really amazing thing he's done I mean good for him and good on him he did introduce me to one of my favorite spots around the loyal area or local area bobbin girl oh sure which there's a couple of locations it's a great restaurant really taste it really really tasty but I never had they they do like Korean styles of the two kimchi no idea what that was until until I tried it simply like spiced pickled yeah Cabot Dr yeah king changed my palate yeah I know I've never really into spicy stuff and then all of a sudden I tried that and so I guess I can give props to guy fieri for that well you know the thing is also I mean obviously raising twenty million dollars for struggling restaurant workers is fantastic at this time and you know I mean his businesses are taking it to but also it's it's a it's amazing the testimonials that you hear from the restaurants or places that he showcases on diners drive ins and dives because I don't I would I would say ninety nine percent of the of the businesses that appear on that show the the the the business goes through the roof I'm you get you people just say it as soon as the this is the episode airs you know within days they're packed like the restaurants are packed so he does a lot of good for the restaurant businesses you know he really does say what you will about his you know his his personality or his persona or whatever the guy's heart's in the right spot I mean it really is you know thank you to every every business that they've ever done a follow up with said that that the you know like as soon as the eyes to the episode aired like their business doubled or tripled which is

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