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Kurt Cobain's 'Unplugged' guitar has $1 million auction estimate


For a long time we had heard about Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances bean's guitar but she it's his guitar his acoustic guitar that he used in the MTV unplugged her dad's guitar her dad's guitar right asa Kurt Cobain's guitar kind of beat up it's a it's a cool I don't know let's see it's eating thank Martin nineteen fifty nine Martin D. eighteen E. yeah that's a classic guitar worth worth a lot of money in and of itself without having been played on a very famous record twelve a put in be it you know just to have been held by him would probably up the price but to be you know on video and this is the guitar right so it was the center of a an ugly divorce when Frances bean Cobain divorce her husband I think his name is douche bag see if I can find is the actual name of it his name is Isaiah Silva so she gets it the they officially divorced last November that's when they finalize this whole thing it was an ongoing fight she's like that's my dad's guitar with my guitar and he's like now you gave it to me you it was a gift which I don't doubt she did yeah I don't either and you know you can't take it back and the judge agreed you gave it to him it says so he got it in the in the divorce which makes this next story all the more annoying he's auctioning it off well right starting Ben what one million should have done how much million Bucks for the starting bid what she should have done is just said give me my dad's guitar back I'll give you cash yeah I'll give you the going rate for the guitar like just I just want the keepsake that my dad left me and and the mistake is hers look I get it this is a little girl who was who was probably not a billionaire she's a she's what a hundred thousand the error hundred millioner yeah she's got to be I mean you know and I'm haunted me use forward raising already a hundred million money but so she never she never knew the value of that guitar understood it and and look young people in love it's powerful sure not the power judge take my dad's guitar right well you know we're gonna be together forever right what's the difference course where right I'm giving it to myself you're part of me hopefully she learned that valuable lesson from

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