Seattle - King County issues directive for residents to wear cloth face coverings in certain settings


County strongly urging people to wear a a mask mask starting starting next next week week when when they're they're out out in in public public couples couples Matt Matt Markovich Markovich ask ask people people what what they they think think we we found found the the reaction reaction to to be be mixed mixed yeah yeah I I mean mean I I think think they they could could recommend recommend people people wear wear a a mask mask I I don't don't think think they can require some mass just walking along the street but they also have quite my rights right and they feel that it's not needed in the places where there is the place is not a problem I think if you're around other people in the close proximity so you're having to stand there for a few minutes it doesn't thank you think you're moving along but maybe it's not such a big deal the city of Seattle plans hand out forty five thousand mass to what they call under served populations

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