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Dow ends down over 100 points; Nasdaq extends winning streak


Time for David Johnson to wrap up the day in Wall Street this is what's called a mixed bag right no this is what you call the Rick Mitchell the stock market forecasted okay results scattered gains some of you had them some of you didn't maybe forty percent gains here there the Dow industrial average was down a hundred nine point twenty four thousand to twenty one so if you have a bunch of blue chip she didn't do all that well the nasdaq however was up seventy one point two gated eight tenths of one percent so if you had all those Amazons and facebooks of Microsoft's and Intel's Google's that plugs you did pretty well in the rest of the stuff kind of a push the S. and P. five hundred was virtually unchanged was up point thirty nine the overall this was probably not even quite as good a market is it looked like they were twice as many stocks down as up to give go over look at the option what they call upside downside volume of each product selling was like three to one of the downsides so this was a give back day and there's plenty to give back we had a heck of a session last week in particular on Thursday and Friday now that said the S. and P. averages but up three days in a row the nasdaq is on a six day winning streak it hasn't seen these level since February the twenty fourth which is not bad June crude was higher this morning after the Saudis said they're going to be magnanimous and cut additional million barrels per day for production but by the end of the day didn't play all that well and crude was down a penny twenty four dollars seventy three cents goes down thirteen dollars sixty cents ten year rates up to point seven three

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