Horace Grant defends Scottie Pippen, questions specific aspects of 'The Last Dance'


Thing about horse Horace was not just based on his own behalf he was pissed for Scotty Pippen is well because aside from Jordan giving some praise to paper early in the series most of the talk about Pippin was about all these low moments I remember being hold on call the number two guy decorated it's gotten papers put three so badly in terms of the moderate in terms of the one point six or seven seconds Selfridge I I have never seen this and all of my life in the respect of people out there I think games six could barely walk do not down on his back try to do whatever he could to help the team but my my my point is while I was at one point sixty seven seconds in the documentary so called documentary about it will be with only eighteen while they're in there we handle that very year really well as a team he he was wrong for doing that well you're still we went after the game we'll do it up there we have to say bill car right and then we handle it was over it was over we go on the techniques to seven games told me it was over why bring that up that's my question everybody out there is listening it's always grant and it's a fair question if this series is about the final season the so called last dance why was something from four years earlier included something that Jordan was not even therefore he was out playing baseball that didn't concern him he was on that team as Horace said the team handle it in the paper knew it was wrong even though people did say if the documentary that he would not change anything anyway if this was about Michael Jordan's version of the final season why was something that did not involve Michael Jordan why was that given so much time in the dock why was it so important to Jordan to bring up the lowest point of Pippen's career and if you want to say yeah well because that was important believe me he left out a lot of important things so why was it important to him to put that in there

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