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St. Edwards University Senior Chase Bartlett


Everyone John Worth. I'm here this week. Sports illustrated tennis podcast. Hope you're doing well or some approximation. Thereof our guest week is chase arlit. Who is chased? Bartlett Jason Bartlett is a senior at Saint Edwards College in Texas. He reached out to me via twitter and wanted to tell me about his story. Which is essentially that in the wake of covid his school's Athletic Department abruptly has killed its tennis program and they go tell you the details. But they're not pretty and I think this is something that unfortunately gonna come up more often in the next few months that tennis is a non Revenue Sport and with no final four. No March madness and with football. This fall right now in some doubt. These are tough times. College athletic departments. We've talked a lot about tennis on the tours being suspended but this trickles down to the college game as well so today we talked with a college tennis player about some of the woes facing his program and Again I think this unfortunately is going to be an issue. That's GONNA be come sort of being creasing -ly resonant this fall so without further ado chase. Are you a senior where he was senior? Wants you to sort of Orient us where you are and what you've been through and then we can go from there the ask so. I I just graduated last week From San Cruz University in it's a division two school We finish this year ranked six in the country with six all American awards and make like replant nine overall team. Gpa So it's probably the best team ever had in school history For lottery reasons. And unfortunately the school's administration just cut cut six of our teams Men and women's tennis included earlier this month About three and a half weeks ago actually and since then we've been trying to do all these reinstatement plans and we've been having caused zoom calls with with the administration trying to figure out. How can we get these programs back? And how can we find a place for these is that it's athletes? I'm going to cut you off periodically just to The flesh is out on. This is obviously corona driven or. This is separate. There's been some a lot of people are thinking that this is sort of just a cover up from corona but the school is very adamantly saying this is directly related to the crown virus. You know they. They were expanding programs. You know two months before. They cut our programs to added East sports program in a track and field program and looked like there was plans to build a Lacrosse program as well. So it. It's sort of confusing. It's just to be just to be clear your tell me about your school yes a my school is in Austin Texas Like I said it's a division to university. It's got I think before. This had sixteen programs if you're not including tracking sports with which suggest added so now they're down to almost bare minimum to compete in division two. I think and in their conference requirements. So it's a it's a pretty good school it's right across the street from Ut's downtown Austin's a nice place lime scooters. I think yeah absolutely your your senior year and things. Things are last semester of college and then all of a sudden things go sideways in a hurry before we get to the finances. I mean just an emotional level. What's been like for you at? I couldn't imagine anything worse. It was almost like losing her relatives. And that's sounds ridiculous to say but it was. You know these are dreams that we've been working on. You know my teammates innocence before fourth grade when we had our tenth birthday party. That was around the time of college. Athletes really start playing in Brooklyn. Our whole lives in the end. We had shot actually this year winning a national championship. And that's what made it. I think so disappointing for us especially when I got here for years ago when I was a freshman unranked we lost to some pretty bad teams a now for the first time in school history. We've got team that can win a national championship. And and then grownup virus comes in all of a sudden you know. We didn't even know what was going to be our last practice. Our last match in three weeks later they they cut our program so it's pretty devastating for a lot of us. You're a senior. You said you graduated congrats. You still have a year of eligibility I assume if you want it. Yes so all the spring sports got one extra year of eligibility. Which means that you know. I could transfer on plan of the year which I'm planning on doing WanNa get an NBA and maybe play for a division one school A lot of teams aren't so fortunate though even though you know they can transfer Some of the freshman for example we had two freshman that were all Americans. I've known for a long time. Actually and one of them is quitting tennis because he he can't think of going anywhere else in the other one is going somewhere with no scholarship because much the teams have been all booked up because the timing of all that the transfer portal and in all sports right now is Is Is Meek writer. It's just just clogged in everything from the basketball the wrestling you hear this again and again. I mean I think in college tennis's I we're going to hear more stories about this a little bit different division one schools where the TV revenue from the NCAA tournament in the revenue for football. If that doesn't come in that's going to affect the whole athletic department. It sounds like that's a little bit different than the situation at Saint Edwards. Not like. You had a huge football team. That was spitting out millions of dollars in revenue for the heart letting department absolutely. We don't even have team And Are you know the sports that got cut? I mentioned the Sierra. But they're actually the revenue sports You know of the six that were cut. Men's soccer was bringing in around one hundred fifty thousand dollars in revenue per year Cheer was a was a great reverence for that was cut in. They were bringing in around the Santa Soccer and men's tennis was costing a measly fifty two dollars. How can you dollars year expenses? Yes semi the bill. Yeah exactly how? How did you generate revenue? And what were the expenses so about three weeks ago we received a leaked document From a consulting report that was done in two thousand eighteen of Athletic Department in the way they did it. They did what's called the contribution margin analysis so basically you factor in all of the expenses. Right your background scholarships you factor in coaches budget factor-in overall budget And then you factor in you know okay. So I have four scholarships right and I have a twelve man team and all of a sudden. You know we're actually. You might be bringing in money because of the people who are on scholarship. So it's not like the ball where there's a ton of scholarships or something like that. You know our program wasn't fully funded so

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