How to Love Those Who Take Advantage of Us


Do you keep loving and sharing and trying to be fair with people when people use that and basically? I see people you know the older I get. I think people are reading I do. That's what the argument was. Maybe we all three can come in some really behave in very inappropriate means angry destructive ways. I don't want to give this idea that we're looking at the world through rose colored glasses and distorting that that's not what the joy response is. The joint responses is biochemical for reflects happens on the body. When you don't allow that negative to affect you because you make a choice. This person cut me out and traffic. You can follow them for four miles chase them yell at them scream at them make vulgar gestures. Who you're hurting is you. That doesn't bother them. They do this all the time. They have other problems. I know what she's saying. What she's saying you give yourself to somebody that you share yourself. You have to be and then they take advantage of you because those people mistake your kindness for weakness and they think you're stupid but that's who you are when I give of myself when I give it to someone. I don't give expecting them to respond the way I want them to. That is not what life is about giving loving I speak of is extending yourself unconditionally. For the benefit of another human being who ever that human being is wherever however they wish to to use yourself doesn't matter what they do absolute. I'm giving because it makes me feel good to give well in addition to that delimit new. Stick something in here. There's an assumption that giving is always one on one in fact the giving needs to be to the entire outfit. We are always putting back in the pot. That's sometimes what is given to us goes back in the pot to someone who's not gonNA give directly back to us but there's a sense of contributing to the well being of the group appointed hasn't been brought up here too is when that happens. Sometimes if I may share this with you if you give into those people they're not you need to clean house. There are times in your life when the best things I've done is clean house and you eliminate the people in your life who are not moving in the same direction and are not feeding you what you need. I mean that's one of the greatest gifts hard enough to fix that up. I see a lot of people abort very quickly some people give up too soon. You WanNA clean house until it's really really. I mean but you clean clean after you realize that these people are bringing me down and I've done everything I can. I've given of myself but this person isn't going to help my life. You see what I'm saying. What I'm concerned about is a researcher. Purely though Oprah is that understand something I think. The three of us are trying to say by acting lovingly. This is not just some kind of romantic hogwash. And it's not just positive thinking and looking at communicating. Or I love you. You're my one and only deepest ocean. It's acts that show caring for the system as you said it's giving back to the system however what does that mean giving what. I do positively. It may not be aimed at that one man that day but it goes into the pot. We are all connected. We're all related. One person in this audience today is touched by this. That matters a great deal. It doesn't matter. One woman may give me a dirty look and then. I'm going to clean house. I'll never sit in front of you again. You understand the number one thing you can do for your own. Immune system is to do something altruistic to help you. Don't believe me after the Oprah show is over go out traffic fine traffic and wave people and give them a break. You'll feel really good now. If you're going to tell me didn't even thank me the fool. I'll cut out the next person. This isn't love purchase ensure bothering. Yeah sometimes I just think that should have been taken advantage of before. Bundy's hoping that sings through the person that maybe I did leave a good impression on and that may be somehow they'll think back to maybe it'll somehow change them because I mean sure things bring me down but I always find a way to pick myself backup. I'll stay the press for an hour but I'll do five hours worth of window shopping. Whatever and I'm perked up like when my parents to know the macronutrients eastward where my dad would give my mom fourteen bucks for two weeks recapping. She would laugh until tears. Roll Down Downer cheeks. How can you do grocery shopping fourteen with fourteen dollars but I think we all agree? What worries me most if we get the message and this one hour show somehow. Depression is bad. We're in trouble well. On top of that capacity all of us have for being jerks is very clear we tend to think that those people all have a capacity for jerks and I have to tolerate it. It's nice to know as you are also part of that jerk group at times it's right and that's okay the line between good and evil joab positive. Negative doesn't run between us and them. It runs right down the middle of all of us. Once you get that straight then you belong to the group rather than being an outsider doing but I also think it goes back to what Paul was saying earlier about choices I mean I know that I am not going to be love and all of the time but I've made the decision to at least seek that in my life and so that puts me at a better place than not even thinking about it I think I think we must really begin to take responsibility for allies. Really bottom line

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