Michigan dam had record of safety violations before failure


Now an update from Central Michigan where more than ten thousand people were forced to evacuate as five hundred year flooding swam the area that water powerful enough to rip homes from foundations a home floating downstream ripped from its foundation by raging floodwaters one example of the devastation in central Michigan this morning there's concern floodwaters may be mixing with toxins in containment ponds from a nearby Dow chemical plant which shut down its operations the company says there's no risk to people or the environment due to the amount of water across the county it will take multiple days to recede close to ten thousand evacuated Midland county as the floodwaters came gushing in power is out in many areas and it's still too early for some to go home I don't know what's going to happen our town is current Courtney Casper hope she'll be able to get back into her house today a neighbor center these photos of water swamping her home the basement with water to the ceiling she's not the only one members of the family are in our basement and they're floating they're ruined Jerry Allen told us the flooding will cost her family tens of thousands of dollars and she's frustrated the breached Eatonville in Sanford dams worked in better condition both are owned by boys hydro which had its licence of the nearly century old Eatonville facility revoked by federal authorities in twenty eighteen after more than a decade of safety violations raised questions about its ability to withstand a major flood like this one yet when the dam came under state supervision it was deemed to be in fair condition this could have been prevented and it wasn't it's all happening during

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