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Promenade Merchants, Episode 5: Strange New Worlds? Meh


Heather? What'S UP David? How are you hanging in there? The Sun is starting to come out. It's nice and hot here in Ohio today. How's everything going my friend? Great State of Michigan is a bit of rain. But we know what they say. April may flowers bring June bugs or something like that? I think that's how that saying goes but we're going to talk about some star Trek in. Oh Man is there a lot of Star Trek to talk about? I don't think I'm I'm fully ready for just how much star Trek there is going to be to talk about heather but I think we can. We can dive in and start with the old business. And this is something that we we both. Kinda bonded on recently because With the Cova nineteen quarantine. I've been working from home slash furloughed and I in the last couple of days kind of started an accidental binge where I will kind of pick a random episode of Star Trek and just kind of go from there and it ended up with me going into a deep dive a star Trek Voyager. Heather and I remembered I really really really liked voyager a lot and I still do. I absolutely love Star Trek Voyager. For a number of reasons how about you? I Love Star Trek Voyager It definitely out there in. Probably my top three Favorite Star Trek shows. And of course Jane. White is my captain. Janeway is everything I mean. There's just so many more wins and voyager where I just want to sit there while I'm watching it and do the fist pump in the air. Go Yeah you go get him girl so it's a really a it stands out from the other star Trek series Because of its setting because it it's set in the Delta quadrant which is in the area of the space that they never explored before so we get to meet new races and new alien races and some of them are very very alien and have new exciting challenges new technology. And just you get to really see the the human drive as to what you will go through and the determination To look after one another and make sure everybody ultimately gets back to their families and I think that's something that makes voyager standout. I totally agree and one part of that you mentioned about is how far removed they were from the rest of the Establish Star. Trek that we know and that was a bold move at the time to deviate from what we already knew from Star Trek. And we'll we'll talk about that a little bit later What I remember the most is how much I absolutely loved. Just about every character on the cast of Star Trek Voyager Individually I. I genuinely loved every character and I especially connected with Balon Taurus's I I find that for me personally. She's one of the characters that I find the most relatable but I absolutely love the entire cast of Star Trek. Voyager of the way the actors interacted with one another The performances that they all put on Captain Janeway to Vox coattail. Yes Neil ix I will admit it. I'm a knee looks guy. I'm not ashamed to admit. Xfl thing he knew amazing. Tom Paris Harry Kim Again I mentioned below Lana seven of nine. Kinda grew on me over time. But I'll discuss that in a minute but yet and also on top of everything else in all of Star Trek. Voyager is my absolute favorite star Trek Bridge. I absolutely love the bridge of Voyager It might only be close with the upcoming enterprise bridge that we'll talk about later but I absolutely love the bridge. Avoid your love the set design. I was noticing in some of the later seasons. They were doing a little bit. More experimenting with Cameras Cinematography and and some of the computer animation was really improving Which made the Space Battles Look? Really? Good I think a steadily did a really good job. With the Borg. In the later seasons They did a really good job of establishing the board as a a threat not just to the Alpha quadrant but to the entire galaxy and I just loved how your head so many different character dynamics Whether it was captain Janeway and Chakothi the only ship that I will recognize that. That's the only one it was whether it was Harry Tom. Tom and Bhulana Khotan to walk to walking. Captain Janeway to vodka. Neil ix just all of it I absolutely loved how much all of these people genuinely cared about one another throughout the entire series in Like I said a just over the last couple of days I just put on an episode of voyager at random and next thing I know I watched like all of season five and I realized that a lot of my favorite episodes of all of Star Trek came from the later seasons of Star Trek Voyager. So yeah I just I just really enjoyed especially five six and seven star Trek Voyager. How about you like just picking apart from Voyager. Who Do you remember any episodes in particular that you really liked? I would say probably season. Four had a lot of my favorite episodes Just when they introduced seven of nine into cast. I think it really gave the show a shot of adrenaline and they took that character's introduction and then just went running from there and so like From you first meeting her into like not just a few episodes but like all of season for all of season five..

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