Did 1998 have to be the last dance for Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls?


At last we heard Michael Jordan say that from the outset of the nineteen ninety seven ninety eight season it was their last chance Phil Jackson he said could have gone any joint in the regular season and still would not have been back throughout the last dance we were reminded of Jordan's competitiveness and as we watch the end of a ten hour documentary about a team a franchise that just won six titles in an eight year span Michael Jordan was upset he did have a chance to go for a seventh the bulls were broken up the rebuilding began after that nineteen ninety eight championship could they have had one more in the could they have kept the team together if they tried ESPN's Michael Wilbon Jackie MacMullan I would bet on Scotty Michael and Phil Jackson anytime anywhere let's start with that but here's the problem Phil and Jerry Krause Scott their relationship was untenable by that point so there was no way Phil was going to come back if you don't have still come back then who's going to control Dennis robin even

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