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How Joe Jonas Is Pampering Sophie Turner During Pregnancy, Proving He’ll Be ‘An Awesome Dad’


So here's what somebody told hollywoodlife exclusively a source Sophie Turner's concerns over parented have been massaged right out of her system as well Sophie Turner's concerns over parenthood have been massaged right out of recess the lead she's getting massages by him well clearly but as we've learned Joe Jonas has been tending to her every need while she's pregnant okay so Joe Jonas is sending this because you know that's not true and you know serve terms like seriously also there's pictures of them driving a car why she driving okay she's out pregnant one she can't can't reach the wheels off she can be expected to do things rude though Joe Jonas thirty and Sophie Turner twenty four haven't officially confirmed her widely reported pregnancy I'll sit with those voice of words I admit it I am going to teach a course some day on how to pull apart these trash stories anyway haven't officially confirmed her widely report if it's widely reported its anyway one thing is sure he's gonna be one heck of a dad well Joan visibly pregnant so if you have been on visibly pregnant while Joe Italy's not actually part what if while Joanne visibly pregnant so if you have been under quarantine due to covert nineteen pandemic her the D. N. C. E. the N. C. E. that was Democratic National Committee that was the name of his band that did kick the ocean the dunes and Jonas brothers star has stepped up his pampering game now the source exclusively tells hollywoodlife Colleen and Holly that Joe lives to make selfie happy he always spoils her but now that she's pregnant he's even more doting apparently so he's been bragging to her friends that she has the best husband in the world because he loves to take care of her the insider exclusively told hollywoodlife that during the lockdown Joe has taken over all the day to day chores while making sure that it's Sophie feels like the queen that she is

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