Pompeo says he didn't know fired IG was investigating him


Once again today. Mike pompeo refused to say why he requested the firing of State Department inspector. General Steve Levick. Who was conducting multiple investigations involving secretary of state? Mike Pompeo that includes Mike pompeo's use of a federal employees at least one federal employees for personal errands and Mike Pompeo's approval of an arm sale to Saudi Arabia. But today Mike Pompeo claimed he has no idea what investigations the inspector general has been working on. Mike pompeo knew about at least one of those investigations because Mike Pompeo refused to be interviewed for one of them and instead submitted written answers about the arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Nbc News reports that Mike Pompeo held two dozen elite dinners at the expense of taxpayers attended by influential Republican Party. Figures and leaders. Who would be likely contributors to a POMPEO presidential campaign in twenty twenty. Four Jars Cussin' now is Ben Rhodes former deputy national security advisor to President Obama. He is an MSNBC political analyst of been the A we have a secretary of state recommending requesting the firing of the Inspector General in his department who is investigating the Secretary of state and you have a present the United States who is trying to affect that firing claiming he has no idea what it's about. Yeah I mean it's truly extraordinary. Lawrence in the common thread is speaker. Pelosi alluded to is. They don't like anybody looking into what they're doing. They don't like Congress investigating napping oversight. They certainly don't like independent Specter's general looking what they're doing. There's an irony in this lawrence as well. Mike Pompeo was one of the leaders in the Republican Party in Congress who spent Literally Years Investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of State. Now we know of multiple potential wrongdoing Mike Pompeo the use of State Department resources for his personal political interests as well as perhaps flouting the laws and protocols without arm sales go forward and moving forward with significant transfers of weapons to Saudi Arabia. So there's a lot that the American people deserve to know and trump in Pompeii or doing whatever they can to prevent them from knowing how their tax dollars are being spent There are reports indicating that there were senior department officials who were advising the secretary of state not to use an emergency waiver for those arms sales to Saudi Arabia and go through the normal process of consultation with Congress That seems to be a certainly in in in in policy terms and in effect the most serious of these investigations that were aware of its very serious lawrence and you already situation where Congress has voted multiple times to prevent the United States from continuing to support a warn Yemen lead by Saudi Arabia that has killed tens of thousands of people in that has failed to achieve any of its objectives and that is in support of a Saudi crown prince who brutally murdered a Washington Post journalists. This emergency declaration doesn't make any sense Lawrence. It doesn't hold up because the situation in Yemen has basically been the same for several years. Nothing is different this year than was the case last during the year before. And what it seems to me is the way these arms sales move forward is the State Department has to license him and then they have to notify them to Congress and Mike Pompeo just decided he didn't want to go through the normal protocols which are in. Us Lockyer up so this is a separation of powers issue a constitutional issue and it also raises questions once again learns as to why this administration is always eager to do the bidding of Saudi Arabia despite all the very real concerns that we should have about the conduct of both the warned Yemen and the nature of Mohammed bin Salman. And but I want to get your reaction to the reports we have about these dinners paid for by the taxpayer which clearly have a political intent in them. An clear possible future campaign intent in them. Well there's

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