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Keltie Knight: How To Act Like A Lady!


Okay Hello. Welcome to this podcast. We have Kelsey night here from the lady gay and as she is now introduced the Emmy Award winning Kelsey night which I loved very much. Their new book is out. Act LIKE A lady. We have a hardcover. We have a soft cover. We're like when we made our VIP lists were like. Let's just put them on both lists because there's two of them and like Spencer I knew would be in it for the stories. Heidi I knew you'd be in it for the Graham and I do want to thank you for instagram. The book because people are dicks in Hollywood. Like I'm just going to let everyone know that I have made so many people successful and stars. I mean Spencer's Instagram at this moment. Like I have interviewed everyone under the sun about every one of their projects. And I'm like sending books out and it's just really nice when people are cool like you actually post it and like it takes two seconds to. I mean I can imagine some people get hundreds of things every day but you is do so. It's just really nice. What he's talking about is the best analyst also Lady Game Dot Com all stores that you can't go into digital or missing now just really Nice Lyon Away Yeah Castle. You're welcome and so funny. Because he had the book out and he was ready like photo. Strap discourse this so spencer. Yeah I'm so I love the little card inside the in. It's still pretty when he feels like. I love that hardcover in so beautiful Fakes QUEUE. You can break it down. Becca says and then Jack and you can like look for each of your segments in and then you're like okay you don't have to read the whole book and sit down at once. You're like what am I going? So it's kind of like a devotional. Okay break up. Let's can the Church of girls who have no idea what they're doing. Did you open the paper and see the Vaginas? Oh I had no idea what that was jacker. Those it's China paper like so house. You know when you go into the bathroom at Soho House and there's like floral that's like actually vulva. We drew was. We're not allowed there. We HAVEN'T BEEN INVITING. We're band have you. Have you ever gone? No we've done in the mallow who on way really it's fine. I mean it's so stupid I would never if so I just think it's the lamest thing on the planet you want me to pay you to come to your restaurant and then also pay for the food go yourself like I will gracie with my presence. You Idiot so anyway now never accepted but I would never pay like to be invited to go to a restaurant. I'm not that pathetic but I have been there before I would The budget so I actually applied I'd also and then we met then. I met the person that deny like a good story. So Rude. This fashion designer has yet her sister roxy is the one who does that so. I'm at Ruby despite and she's like. Oh my Gosh we've got at the soda and and you're like oh we apply com like. Yeah you denied US. And she was on the give me. A refund reminds you. Do they charges you too yes plot? Posit fatty yes. He's GonNa go back to something that you touched on about. People not supporting. Somebody just brought this up. That was so mad about this and other. So there's two things. The first one is out so entertained by Chrissy Deegan. Complaining about all rich friends asking for Her little like cooking thing. That she gifted courtney and some other celebrity and then. I'm reading this to Heidi and Heidi's wait is Chrissy Teigen rich. Her rich friends are probably like wait. Why do you need my like eighty bucks for your frigging plastic dishes or whatever and I was like? That's a great point so well it's an interesting thing because she went on to say. Oh my marketing budget is almost only so big but like you're also rich so listen I love Chrissy and she can do no wrong in my eyes but I think it's funny that she called out the rich friends but then also sent the baskets to other rich people. So it's like how like there's no one Richard Gordon Kardashian? Like where where did she? I WanNa know the discussions between her and assistant that. We're like sitting at the kitchen table with the list because we just had to do that. For the book only had seventy five bucks to hand out and we had to like we've had three hundred fifty guests on the podcast. So you know I see the conversation. Where like do we want to send one to j? Lo No she such a bitch or whatever like I want to know what happened. Who Got Cut? I'm sure they broke it down to like who will actually share this in their story. Because you know j.lo's not sharing Chrissy Teigen's frigging right but credit card. Ashen is not like a big instagram of like free gifts so it was a risk have been biodegradable non. Gmo organic plastic. Yeah you guys. I'm so excited to talk to you. I'm sorry I know this is your show but I have so much to ask you and have been saving up. I meant the text you and I was like a damn you. Heidi Okay Cat Kristin Cavallari. The divorce ish does this. She's coming back hills. She quit her show and now is divorced starting over like she's got a comeback in my imagination. I would love that. And that's obviously a dream and she would be such a great asset and I would hope so but then she did just put out a statement saying that she's not going to be joining a hills. She actually the statement out after Spencer said he was hoping she was gonna come on and clear of my praying by canceled her show. Oh I think that was because she doesn't want to be discussing. It clearly went so south fast. Like I didn't see those two turning on each other like that was pretty it got I think they had a peace treaty beaches. It was the sort I mean. She was on covers of magazines like the the wife from hat. I mean it was so negative. I think she probably wants to end that chapter. I think she's not saying she'll hills. Because if you read. There was clearly some debate on the custody like she wanted full custody and then they had to agree to split custody so she signed up for the hills. Maybe his lawyers could be like. How can she be a mom if she's filming the show in La? Listen to be a custody. I'd just think she would be great even if she popped in for like a second. I know you guys are GonNa have so much drama but I also thought it was really interesting how she posted. I've decided not to continue like it's one of es top shows right now like. Es Struggling ever since they cancel bullying show obviously And it's one of their top shows so like Betas let her out of that contract or whatever that is like ooh that is crazy. What would it always heard with reality? Shows I don't know if it's true. It could be made up like you have a contract. But they can't make film reality of you decide you don't. WanNa film anymore like you can't.

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