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South Dakota National Parks


Welcome the amateur traveler. I'm your host Chris Christensen. Let's talk about South Dakota. I'd like to welcome back to the show Gary Art from everything. Dash EVERYWHERE DOT com. Who's come to talk to us? Surprise surprise about national parks. This time about the National Parks of South Dakota Gary. Welcome back to the show. It has been so long. Yeah and we never get to talk so it's always a pleasure. It has been a very short period of time since I talked to carry but we have talked about doing this show since we ran into each other. Probably at Mount Rushmore last October September September. I think yeah. Maybe it's October. But yeah we're going to t backs and and this was totally unplanned. You just happen to be a remote rushmore exact same time. It's one of those odd coincidences that happen. And it doesn't happen to meet all that often but there are some national parks in South Dakota. That are not Mount Rushmore. So where are we going if we go to the National Parks of South Dakota? They're six national park. Service sites in South Dakota and five of them are in the West located in or near the Black Hills. And then there's one all by its lonesome in the east so we might as well talk about that one. I and that is the Missouri River National Recreation area. It lies on the Missouri River as you might guess given the name it is in the charming little town of yanked him. South Dakota believe it or not. I was actually rather curious to visit yanked and because I had read a list several years ago that had the cheapest place to live in America was yanked in South Dakota so it was kind of curious to see I was kind of curious. What kind of community is this? And it's very nice and it's not rundown or anything now it's cheap. It just happens to be in the middle of nowhere and that's why the site is right on the border with Missouri arm starting Nebraska and it's fifty nine mile stretch of the Missouri River. Very nice some very large bluffs that are overlooking the river and a national recreation area. So it's not a park if you go to the visitor center and look to get your National Park Stamp. It is not a visitor center per se. It is the office. So that's where the maintenance vehicles and the office staff and they're all there and in that building there's a very small lobby and they just sort of stick the stamp out there for people that want it but unlike pretty much every other national parks that you go to. There's no movie there's no displays none of that. It's very straightforward. It's just something that you can visit. There's a bridge which goes from South Dakota to Nebraska that crosses the river and that's probably some of the best views you're going to get of the river if you WANNA take some photos. There's a place you can pull out just before the bridge. You can't really stop on the bridge nor can you really walk across the bridge. So that's kind of difficult so you just have to keep those things in mind. It's far enough east for. I think you could easily do day-trip if you happen to be in Sioux falls or if you're driving across the state I mean if you wanted to dip down interstate ninety s the interstate. The kind of runs across South Dakota East West. You could do that if you're a serious national parks. Yeah other than that. There's not a lot there. Well I should say for the listeners. The show who are either not from the US or possibly geographically challenged the Missouri River may not stick out in your mind but Missouri River is the longest river in North America. If you include the merchant into the Mississippi River in Saint Louis even if you don't include the Mississippi part I believe North think it's the Missouri Mississippi Slash Missouri. So if you took if you went from New Orleans and then just kind of banked left at Saint Louis rather than right that would take you further. 'cause THE MISSISSIPPI goes up into northern Minnesota whereas the Missouri goes much further will the I? I'm looking it up in the Missouri River just until it gets to the mouth Where it enters into the Mississippi is well for our European listers who I was mentioning this forest. Thirty seven hundred thirty seven sixty seven kilometers or two thousand three hundred forty one miles. So there's really quite an amazing amount of the length of this river not to mention the fact that it empties into the Mississippi River. The river at this point and yanked is pretty good sized. It's not a rapid river. Anything like that. It's far too big for it if anything else. It kind of gives you an appreciation for the river. Think if you go up to North Dakota there are some sites that are close to the as well and you with Lewis and Clark and these the Missouri kind of as their highway to get to the West speaking of the river. I in South Dakota many times live in Minnesota and I think South Dakota is kind of. There's two half's to the state the east and the West in the dividing line is the Missouri River it kind of goes along Nebraska and then it hooks up in when you're on interstate ninety that goes East West when you cross the river. The geography changes pretty dramatically so on the eastern side of the river. It's really flat. Is Your stereotypical great plains. Corn for miles. Once you cross it then you start to see hills instantly like instantly instantly. And that's a function of the river the meandering of the river in the flood plain and everything has basically scour out everything to the east of it and literally. When you cross the bridge you start to see some hills and that's not the black hills yet but it's kind of building up to that. I think you're still well over one hundred miles away at that point and all of the rest of the parks are in this. Western part of the state in the western part of the state is by far the most interesting. It gets the most tourists. You've heard of pretty much anything. In South Dakota it is to the west of the Missouri River in that Black Hills area. So we're talking deadwood Mount Rushmore while drug everything except the Mitchell Corn Palace.

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