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'Power' to 'plunge a needle into your arm': Dershowitz says forced vaccinations are constitutional


Of audio did you happen to hear and forgive me if I missed it Alan Dershowitz saying that the government has the right to plunge a needle into your arm when he was talking about vaccines did you hear about that I always scrolling social media early today I saw something I didn't have time to check in go back good what are the details what it what did he say this because he's a very kind of you know he he he says it how he sees it he analyzes so give us give us is the sky believe me I I admit I was on the Dershowitz jet train I thought he did a great job talking about the impeachment but he was absolutely right I think he's very smart and I respect him but he's a little bit cavalier with this statement saying that the government has the right to literal and I'm quoting here plunging needle into your arm now I think vaccines if we're talking about vaccines for crown of ours it's great to have that as an option if people want to do the vaccine that's fantastic right but it starts to creep me out when you have Alan Dershowitz saying it's constitutional for the states to come after you and just stab you in the arm in the I guess for public safety

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